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Shaped 2-hole Bead Buffet

A Shaped Bead Buffet!

Is this the golden age of Beadwork? Will archeologists tenderly fluff away the dirt from our long buried beadwork and marvel at the amazing designs, the intricate patterns, and the dazzling array of shaped beads? Perhaps they will. Or perhaps we are just at the beginning of a new dawn of beadwork, with only better things to come!

Either way, the past few years have delivered a cornucopia of new and innovative shaped accent beads - many of them sporting two holes or more, for your beading pleasure. No longer limited to simple choices like seedbead vs delica, with maybe a few dagger beads for a fringe, now we have a multitude of choices, a veritable banquet of selection.

Gathered here for your perusal is our buffet of Shaped Beads - a smorgasbord of shapes - a bounty of beads.