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Silk Thread

For pearls, or items where the thread is part of the design. Very soft and luxurious feeling and glossy with a soft sheen. Silk is arguably the most beautiful natural fiber in the world. This is a smooth, twisted three-ply, 100% pure silk thread.  Extremely supple, yet resistant to stretch and wear.  Durable enough to withstand the abrasion of pearls, glass beads, and gemstones. 

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It is with a heavy heart that we had to say good-bye to Champion brand silk. Champion - long a staple of bead stringing - was make by Gudebrod, who sadly have closed their doors for the final time and the assets have been sold off.

Traditionally, pearls were knotted to keep them from rubbing on each other, and if the thread broke, you only lost one instead of the entire strand. ;-)

Transparent stone or glass beads can be strung on a deeper self-colour to make their colour look richer. Try Rose Quartz on a rich dark pink. Or try a contrasting colour - white pearls with black silk.