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Swarovski Crystal Buttons

These were originally created for the fashion and clothing industry - use to make closures for bracelets. Or as buttons. What about the ultimate buttons for that fabulous sweater it has taken you two years to make! You're not gonna put some el cheapo bland buttons on that, are you now?

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Cufflinks: loop two buttons together with some beading wire, and leave half an inch between - instant cufflinks.

Add some zing with some bling! One of the most popular uses of the larger (12 mm and up) buttons (2 holes, centred) and sew-on stones (single hole or 2 holes at the sides) is as a clasp for a bracelet! Stitch the button onto a flat bracelet, (ensure that you have some slack in the stitching, just like a regular button) and make a loop of seedbeads threaded on your beading thread at the other end to loop over the button. Just dazzling!!!!!