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Swarovski Hot Fix

Swarovski's Hot Fix glue - on the back of all of these - is the state of the art in heat-activated adhesives. It is formulated to meet strict European standards for non-toxicity in both the actual adhesive, and the manufacturing process.

The glue is designed to stick to porous fabrics (so - not so good on vinyl) - and is washable. I have t-shirts that the fabric is starting to wear out - but the crystals are still going strong!

They are not recommended for leather - as leather may have a colour coating that can come off and take the crystal with it. Also - heating the leather - not so practical. You can, however, also glue these crystals on with a suitable glue if you can not heat the item you are attaching to, or it is not porous.

We have a heat-press in the store, you can attach these with the beJeweller, or you can use a household iron.