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A new shape from Miyuki - introduced in 2010 - TILA beads (pronounced Tee-la, rhymes with Lee-la.)

These are a flat, square bead with two holes.

Miyuki would like you to know the following:

... certain care should be taken in handling TILA BEADS to prevent being chipped or cracked. Because of the character of TILA (thin, square and double hole), it is a little bit easier to be chipped or cracked, compared with other Miyuki beads (donut-shaped or cylinders). Please do not dump them out from a height onto a hard surface, rather, pour them out gently onto a bead mat ...

Not that we think you are dumping your beads on the counter from a great height, but just so you know.

Here are some design ideas from Miyuki. They have some patterns on their web site too that maximize the rather interesting two hole design possibilities. (Site will open in new window. Be patient - it takes awhile to load.)

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