A Bevy of Bezels

Today, we’re going to chat about the wonderful world of metal bezels!  As you can see from the photographs, BeadFX has quite an extensive collection, which is great for aspiring mixed media artists (all that metallic bounty in one place)!  I’ll let you in on a secret though; you don’t really need to know anything about mixed media, to use these remarkable products. Bezels are versatile, and suitable for an endless variety of uses. We even carry the popular Susan Lenart Kazmer, Hobnail bezels and the Klick line of interchangeable components.

Believe it or not, I haven’t tried everything yet, but imagine your bezels, filled with any of the following: collaged paper, photographs, downloaded images, pencil sketches, minature landscapes, old love letters, a child’s art, postage stamps, paper napkins, ephemera, text, commercial and hand painted papers, eggshells, broken china, sea glass, fibre, dried flowers, charms, beads, glitter, shells, and even more! Didn’t think of that, did you?  If that’s not enough, you could also fill them with either Crystal Clay or Apoxie Sculpt, and then embed Swarovski crystals, old keys, watch parts, game pieces, or other exciting stuff, and wait for it to dry! Don’t you just hate, waiting for things to dry?

But what about Polymer Clay (PC), you say?  I’m sure that someone out there, has been purchasing bezels, and filling them with all types of PC.  They’re metal, aren’t they?   So why couldn’t you bake them at low temperatures?  I’m not telling you to do this, but in the spirit of experimentation, I just might!  The official disclaimer is…..do this at your own risk, as I don’t know how the coatings and finishes will react…….but I’m a Mixed Media Artist, so serendipity is my friend!  Besides, I like the distressed look!!!

You’ve filled your bezel, so now what do you do?  More choices! You could top it up with Ice Resin, after adding a lovely edging of Iced Enamels, and perhaps some of their Inclusions.  How about trying one of our glass tiles (but not all will fit)? You wouldn’t need more than “a little spit and polish”, for the various clays…..unless you’d like to add a dab of Renaissance Wax.

A few of my images to tempt you!

When using paper products, with your resin, remember to seal carefully.   Mod Podge or white glue is recommended (as are other types of collage or decoupage mediums), but don’t forget to seal the front, back and edges, to avoid staining.  Botanicals should also be sealed!  Mix the resin slowly and carefully (instructions on package), wait five minutes, and then add to the bezel, a little at a time, to avoid air bubbles. Pop any that you see, and don’t forget to cover your pieces while they dry…..no dust motes, or cat hair allowed!!! If you’re not yet confident enough, to do this on your own, or just like the structure of a hands-on class, check out my November Resin workshop.   It’s not on the schedule yet, but it’s definitely in the works (and you could probably get yourself on a waiting list). Keep tuned!

Anne Marie

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