A budding fascination!

What is Assemblage Jewellery? I’m jumping out on a limb here, but my definition would be jewellery that is made out of recycled &/or repurposed elements (and perhaps a few new ones). Raid Granny’s jewellery box, pull out your Mom’s old earrings, and then visit the local thrift store for some interesting bits! After that, use a combination of glue, stringing, wirework, and perhaps rivets, to combine the various elements into a unique piece of jewellery. Have I actually done this? Well no, but it’s certainly something that interests me!

It’s my belief that old is just as interesting as new, and well crafted is certainly worthy of a second life! With my ongoing love of recycling, I already see elements of assemblage in my work (mine normally involves either bead embroidery or resin), but I’d like to take that further! How would someone go about it, you say? Of course, trolling the Internet always plays a starring role! I try not to fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole too often, but I do confess to a serious blog addiction! In reality I haven’t been researching this subject for long; so do expect more posts in the future. The first photos are from a site called Sparrow Salvage. Google Sparrow Salvage photos and you’ll notice wonderful photography, and a very romantic take on assemblage. They seem to use just about everything in their work including wire, feathers, romantic fabric and lace! All three photos (below) are courtesy of the above site.

Here’s another take on it, from a site called bsuesboutique. The jewellery on this site is a little more polished, and the owner shares a lot of instructional videos (Google bsuesboutique photos & bsuesboutique videos). Not all of the elements are vintage, but the techniques are transferrable, and it’s a good resource for tips to pulling these pieces together. E6000 is the glue recommended by both sites. You could also combine some of your older pieces, with the vintage looking elements (like Vintag brass) that BeadFX carries, then distress them with a coat of Gilders’s Paste. Now take a look at this spectacular necklace from bsuesboutique!

My brain is percolating along, dreaming up all sorts of interesting bits and pieces for future workshops and blog posts. I’ll start with simple experiments, and then focus on more complicated and fascinating work. Is anyone tempted to join me? If so, I need photos…….please!!!


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