Give what you’ve got!

Okay perhaps not everything, but it would be nice if you could consider giving a little to underprivileged youth. BeadFX is gathering jewellery donations on the behalf of the Corsage Project, a non-profit initiative to help high school students, who cannot afford to go to their own school proms. “In 2000, the Corsage Project was created in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation to help young women attend their prom by providing them with a new dress, accessories and a mini makeover – all free of charge. In 2010, the program expanded to provide formal wear to young gentlemen” (information copied from the Corsage Project website). I think that it’s a wonderful and exceptionally worthwhile program! Imagine if you had not been able to attend prom with your peers? It would have been a devestating blow!

BeadFX staff (myself included), managers, instructors, and customers have all donated hand made jewellery &/or supplies to the project in the past, and will continue to do so this year. Last week, I started working on my 2016 donations. I carefully considered what a young lady would be interested in wearing, and then made a conscious effort to simplify and scale down my crazy mixed media tendencies. We’re talking formal wear here! I thought that you might like to take a peek at my pieces. Two were made from deconstructed “Inspiration” components, and the remainder from my own stash. The design process is very similar, though working with someone else’s components is interesting, to say the least! The pre-made necklaces were taken apart, mixed up, added to, and shortened (to fill in the neck of a gown). Would you like to try to guess which ones are mine?


If you’re interested in donating jewellery to this very worthy cause, items can be either delivered or dropped off at the store (during regular store hours). Gently used jewellery will also be welcomed, as long as it’s appropriate to the occasion. If you’d like a little beading camaraderie, we plan on focusing on the project at our free Wednesday, Open Beading Night (March 23, 30 and April 6); and our free Thursday afternoon Bead Tea (March 24 and 31) – but please call the store first to reserve your place. We’d love to have you join us! The deadline for all donations is Wednesday, April 6th. I plan to make at least a few more items before that date! How about you?

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