What’s on my bead mat? May edition!

I just realized that I’m cheating a little, because I didn’t actually take photos of the pieces on my bead mat. I forgot!!! It doesn’t matter, because each has been on said bead mat, at least once during the month. You wouldn’t want to see it right now, because it’s very messy, full of beads, and just waiting for me to either cram them back into their tubes, or get frustrated and mix up some bead soup! You know how it goes!!

You’ll notice that while the purple doll is still naked, I’ve actually made progress on my green one, and am currently loving the process! The working title for this one is “Silly Goose”, because Erin (who also works in that beehive of activity called BeadFX), told me that the form looked like a goose from the back. Isn’t it funny how a connection is made, and names are born?

I took a fabulous class with Robyn Cornelius, at BeadFX last Saturday, and made her Silver Wave Bangle. Okay, I admit that it wasn’t really on my bead mat, but I love it so much, that I just had to show it off! It all started out with a flat piece of silver. I’ve taken a few classes, and puttered about with metal, but certainly nothing this ambitious! Robyn is a fabulous instructor, and you’d be lucky to take one of her workshops! Believe it or not, this was completed in a one-day class!

I purchased these commercial bangles at a thrift shop, several years ago. I wonder if Liver of Sulfur would work to change the colour? It might be fun to try, even though I’m not sure which type of metal it is. Are any of you experts, ready to weigh in with an opinion?

I’m not telling you what this is, but promise to show it to you next week (that is, if I remember!).

Pearls, did I say pearls? These were in a stray bag, in a place they should not be, and I did not even remember buying them! Oops! I wonder what I should make? Did I ever tell you that I’ve been hoarding pearls? Do you suppose there will ever be a worldwide shortage? If so, I’ll be well set! I admit that I do have a germ of an idea, just waiting for a few stray minutes……I wonder where I’ll find those minutes this month?

My bead mat is going to be busy during the month of May! It’s finally spring, and well past time for renewal and regeneration! Although creativity is always present, it does need a little tweaking from time to time. I guess that May is good time to take action! Are you tempted to join me?

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