InspirationFX: Purity


by: Dwyn Tomlinson

call this “Purity” because the colours remind me of the innocence and
promise of a warm summer morning. Of course, you can choose your own
colours too – and maybe then it will remind you of something else

I have two marks on my designing bench – which is a name
that I use for the folding table where I pile my beads. I have two
marks, about 7.5 inches apart, labeled “Perfect Bracelet” – so when I
string, I measure
against that for length. So adjust the length of
this as required for your wrist. Again, I am using the Stretchy cord, as
I love how simple it is to use and that I don’t need to futz with a
clasp when putting it on and taking it off.

Start by gluing the
cabochon into the finding. The finding has a small hole in the back,
which is good for getting the glue to cure, but you don’t want the glue
to ooze out either, so apply glue to the back of the
cabochon, put
it into the finding, making sure that the glue has spread to stick to
the finding, and then flip it face down and leave it to cure overnight.

Once cured, add a jumpring to the loop.

a half a bracelet length, more or less, with one colour of donuts. Add
the cabochon dangle charm, on it’s jumpring, and then string the other
colour on the other half. Knot the stretchy cord to itself with a square
knot and a surgeon’s knot.  Add one donut, remember this, and then
string more donuts, half and half of the colours again, so one side will
be one colour and one side will be the other colour. Mine came out a
little uneven because I had another colour I was going to use and then
decided it didn’t work as well and took them back off. You should have
strung one more donut than the first strand. Now make the loop and knot
the stretchy cord in a circle, but not at the knot, but after that first
donut that I told you to add. So you will end up with a donut spacer
between the two strands of donuts.

Grab another jumpring, and
open it (remember – only twist to the side to open jumprings) – and add
it to the second strand, at the same count of donuts as the first, and
then link it to the other jumpring with the dangle. This keeps the
strands together and shares the weigh of the dangle.

Seal the knots with a drop of Hypo-tube cement, let it cure, trim the ends of the knots, and you are good to go!

*BONUS* Purity Earrings

a little bit of glue on the back of the cabochon and place into the
bezel setting. Lay flat while waiting for the glue to cure fully before
wearing. The fishhooks are already attached to the bezel for you!

Now you are really good to go!!!


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