Website Changes: All the Findings R Moved

Thank gawd – all the findings are now moved. What a job. I feel like I’ve been moving actual boxes, instead of electrons. Next week – I’ll tackle moving the items in the Components section. That’s only 2400+ items. Some of them can stay there, but clearly – there are findings in there. Hello bead caps! Clearly – this was a task long overdue!

Website Changes

As you may have noticed – we’ve been madly making changes to the website. Some of the have been great – some did not happen quite the way we anticipated. C’est la vie. C’est la web development. One of the things that we are working on it making it work on as many platforms as possible – which is to say – it should work on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your phone, and whatever else they are going to invent next. Implants? Those too. I asked Dan if I could quote what he has to say about this, …

Survey Sez: #Handmade Holidays!

Don’t forget, we have a survey running right now – answer a few questions and be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to use online. Survey is here: Handmade Holidays and why I can’t get it to just show up on the blog is one of the many mysteries of Word Press.