What’s on my bead mat – November edition!

I’m happy to say that my little purple doll, has finally started talking to me! I couldn’t take the rejection much longer, so decided to choose a couple of tubes of beads, and just start stitching!! Sometimes that’s all it takes!!!


I decided on a purple and grey colour scheme (that has since been revised), pulled out all the tubes I own in those colours, and then proceeded to stall once again (one step forward, two steps back). So, I decided to sleep on it! It only took a week or so, before I woke up in the middle of the night, with Yo-Yo’s (also known as Suffolk Puffs in the UK) on my mind. For those of you not in the know, Yo-Yo’s are fun, little gathered circles of fabric, that are either stitched together, or appliqued onto a background. As my fibre self seems to be looking for equal time right now, I decided to give in and add just a few (well, actually five) to the doll. I cut all of the circles free hand, ran a small running stitch around the raw edges, pulled the threads tight, and then tied them off. Then I appliqued them to the surface of the doll form, with a tiny, almost invisible stitch (learned in my quilting days). Let me tell you, its hard to get your stitches even, when you’re dealing with the nooks and crannies of a 3-D form! I had originally intended to have lines of beaded backstitch, radiating out from the centre of each Yo-Yo, but quickly lost interest, as the going was tough, on such tightly woven fabric (call me lazy)! My revised plan, was to echo the colour of her hair, and scatter on some silver, size 11 Delica beads, for a little sparkle. That’s all I have to say about my regal little dolly for now, but do expect to hear more of her creative adventures next month. Also, I’ll be teaching another BAD (beaded art doll) workshop at the end of this month, so if anyone is interested in learning about the process, either drop on by, or give the shop a call. My doll will be there, in all her glory!


Next up, Create Recklessly, Artists Concrete! I held a workshop on this medium, last weekend at BeadFX. Tons of fun! We played around with pigments, then discovered that the colours you think you will get, are not actually what you end up with at all. My favourite of the day, is this surprising aqua, that resulted from adding bright blue Acrylic Ink to the water, before mixing up the concrete. I also had fun playing with freeform shapes. More experimentation to come! The flat as a pancake, silver pendant, is the result of smashing one of our newer components, with a hammer!!! Very satisfying, but honest, it was already damaged!! The Tierracast letter charms, spelling out Create(scroll down until you see them), will eventually make it onto something (probably a bangle bracelet), but I love the sentiment, and hope that it will continue to inspire!





Do you like my latest series of dirty little pours? Fluid acrylic and acrylic ink, with a little spritz of a hair product, containing silicone. I’m serious!!! All sorts of interesting effects are to be had, if you mess around with things that are not originally intended for painting (or jewellery, for that matter). LOL! One day, I’ll actually try this technique on a canvas. For now, I was playing around with small ceramic tiles, a glass nugget, and a Klik component (that’s what I had on hand). Reminder to self, buy more white paint (and this time, the larger size)!


To finish up, I’ve included another photo of my latest bead embroidered pendant. I love it, and am itching to make another soon! Wallowing in this combination of hand and bead embroidery, seems to be where I want to be right now. Where will you be focusing your creative energies?

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