Get Your Questions Answered at Techniques Night

BeadFX carries a wide array of products. Some of the products are self-explanatory and easy to understand and implement. Some are not. At our free Meet the Techniques event, you can see how some of the lesser-known products are used and have your questions answered. The demos will not replace a class, but it may spark an idea or inspiration on how you can use a product in your own designs. Meet the Techniques Friday, February 24 5:30 – 8:00pm BeadFX staff members will demonstrate and talk about some of the lesser-known products that we carry including: The Jool Tool …

Making a Glass Bead

Ever wonder what it looks like to make a glass bead? This was shot by, and of one of our instructors – Dwyn “DragonJools” Tomlinson. It’s just a little bead with some dots – nothing fancy – but if you are interested – we have classes! And if you think it looks as scary as all heck – then remember to buy lampwork beads from the artists that make them – so you don’t have to. 😉

InspirationFX: Hard Sun

Get your creative juices flowing ~~~ Hard Sun by: Rochelle Kilmer The sun beats down on Death Valley, Sand dunes ripple as the flood planes bake in the heat Stones sail mysteriously over the Racetrack Player inscribing lines in the cracked mud. Here a radiant copper ring shines with Topaz Gold sun beams. Suspended below is an unglazed ceramic donut mimicking the Earth below. -Written by Erin Singleton Making the Pendant – 1) Place 1 – 8mm Topaz Gold bead on a headpin. Make a wrapped loop. Repeat this again with another bead and headpin. 2) Place 1- 8mm Topaz …

Last Call – going twice

Last call for these babies! They gots to go! A redonkulous 80% off – way below our cost. Just until the end of February – then they are gone for good. Last Call for Beads! Just click on the image to go to that item.                           Save Save Save Save

Last Call!

Last call for you all – we need the space, these babies gotta go. Push pull or drag them out of the store! A redonkulous 80% off – way below our cost. Just until the end of February – then they are gone for good. Last Call for Beads!     Save

What have we found for you this week?

  If you thought we were going a little clasp crazy – well – you might be entirely justified. Some of it comes down to discovering a neglected box of items, and some of it is because of the fun we are all having with looming! Looming first! We just got these cool BeadSlide clasps for use with loomed or beadweaving pieces that have single row of beads at the end (loomed or square stitch, vs peyote, with its staggered bead pattern). To use, you slide the final row of beads into the tube – there is a gap for …

Creative hands, make happy work, on a winter’s day!

One of my favourite quotes, is this one by Timothy Attwood: “Creative mess equals creative thought”. Hands (along with other tools, like our imagination), interpret this mess into our jewellery, and art projects. Never take them for granted! They’re not always pretty, and don’t work the way they used to, but they certainly do come in handy (if you pardon the pun)! I thought that you might be interested to see some of the hands, that were put to work, in my Freeform Peyote class, last Sunday. Not all of the photos turned out! I could blame my own hands, …