InspirationFX: Greener Pastures

Snow is melting, and a warm breeze blows through the fields. Spring begins approaching as the grass reaches towards the warm sun rays. The horses nibble on the visible greenery, strengthening them for the run.

As they trot off into the horizon in search of greener pastures, the sweet smell of adventure lingers behind tempting you to follow.

A free-formed shaped pendant hangs from antique copper ball chain. Green beads dangle, calling to you to follow. The simply strung bracelet is a sweet treat if you choose.



  • On a headpin, stack – Bead Cap, Green Asteroid Bead,Bead Cap – and make a wrapped loop.
  • Repeat Step 1 – 2 more times
  • Attach the dangle to one of the holes on the bottom of the horse pendant using a 7mm jumpring.
  • Repeat step 3 with the other 2 dangles in the other holes.
  • Find center on your length of ball chain – you can make the necklace as long or as short as you want. This one is about 18inches(1.5ft of chain)
  • Attach the pendant using 2 – 9mm jumprings from the large top hole.
  • Put on the ball chain clasp and the necklace is done!


  • Cut approximately 10inches of Softflex
  • On one end, thread the Softflex through a wire guardian pulling about 1 inch through
  • Place a crimp on over the long end – make sure it goes over both ends and snugs up against the wire guardian. Flatten the crimp with a pair of chain-nose pliers (or you can use flat-nose as well)
  • Start stringing your beads on in your pattern preference. When you get to the large holed copper bead – place 2 copper beads inside, this way the bead will not bounce around on the Softflex too much.

This pattern is – 3 copper beads,bead cap, asteroid, beadcap, copper bead, beadcap, asteroid, beadcap, copper bead, bead cap, asteroid, bead cap, 3 copper beads, beadcap, asteroid, large hole copper bead (add 2 copper beads inside to fill the hole) and then repeat the same for the other half of the bracelet.

  • Place a crimp on the end, then thread on another wire guardian. Thread the end of Softflex down through the crimp and through the last 2 beads of possible. Make sure the bracelet isn’t too stiff or it can break. Flatten the crimp with a pair of chain nose pliers.
  • Attach a 7mm jumpring to a wire guardian, before you close it, slide on the lobster claw.
  • Attach another 7mm jumpring to the other wire guardian. This is where the lobster claw will hook into.

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