Congratulations Christine Woollacott!

We are lucky at BeadFX to have such high caliber instructors; many whom have taught internationally and are also invited to try products on behalf of manufacturers and give feedback. Enamelling and metal clay instructor Christine Woollacott was a featured artist in the February 2017 issue of Artisan Jewelry Times, an e-zine dedicated to sharing the best of designer and artisan jewellery domestically and internationally. In addition, Christine also has a tutorial in the e-zine for a pair of beautiful earrings and matching pendant. Christine’s article, Styles of Enamelling, focuses on the differences between well-established enamelling techniques such as Cloisonne …

InspirationFX: Hanging Up My Heart

Hanging Up My Heart Designed by: Amanda Pittman If you want a piece of my heart, you have to come and get the key. Good Luck! Instructions: 1. Start by placing a jump ring on your Key charm. 2. Add your eye pin while the jumpring is open. 3. Put your small candy hearts in the bottom of the glass bottle. 4. Put your key in the bottle and bend the eye pin where you want your Key to hang. 5. Hold the eye pin where you bent it use your round nose pliers to wrap the eye pin. 6. …

Let me call you a cab – ochon.

Ok – you’re a cab. We’ve got cabs – lots of cabs. An uber number of cabs, as a matter of fact. If you can’t face puns like that, you need one of these cabs – it will face you. Personally – I think there is something fishy about the whole thing, but then you’ll accuse me of being catty. This whole conversation is for the birds. By Jupiter – we’ve got a lot of cabs – these cabs look like a planet. There is just one of each though – so if snooze, you lose. Kind of like how …

Beading conundrum: Where will this lead me?

To bead or not to bead, that is the question! Spring is finally here, but beading seems to be on the back burner. Will this last?


Warmer temperatures, lead me to believe that we have turned a corner, but I’m still wary! No garden to dig, but lots of spring cleaning to do! I’m reorganizing my craft/sewing room/studio. Sad to say, goodies from years ago are tempting me to stray from the beading path. I hope that I’ll be able to stand my ground. Fibre is such a tactile temptation, but then so are my paints and papers. Where will my muse take me? What will I do? Stay tuned, as all will be revealed, in future weeks!


Pam and I represented BeadFX, at the Art Waves show last weekend (for the second year in a row). A small show, and far more painting and craft related, than many of our other shows. An interesting experience!

We tempt artists and crafters to look at our products in a whole new way! You know that beading is just one of the many things we do? We stuff our rafters with knotting, metalwork, metal clay, mixed media, stamping, leather, and wirework supplies. In addition, the lampwork torches burn brightly, during classes and on Monday nights, during Happy Hour Torching. These ladies (and a few gentlemen), loved our samples, demos, mini- classes, and workshop information. It was a valuable exercise! Ice Resin was the hot item last year, and this year it’s Artist’s Concrete! On a personal note, I set a budget for myself, and only spent money on perfectly smooth wooden circles (for a mystery project), brushes, and new paints! Okay, I also bought a canvas roll up type of thing for brushes, but I promise that’s all!!!

It’s been a busy week! Monday, I played with fire, by torch enamelling some metal beads (check out Ann Shewan’s upcoming class). Yesterday, I watched a demo on a new (to me) type of resin and molding material. More on the beads next week, and I’ll report on the rest, when I get a chance to play with the products. Thanks Marg! I just love new stuff!!!

On Sunday, I left the house at an ungodly hour, and met up with the family in Burlington (they were there for a hockey tournament, and staying at a hotel by the lake). I had a short but lovely visit, and even managed to pick up a few gnarly pieces of driftwood (far more than those shown), on a very rocky beach. Great photography props, perhaps a future exercise in sculptural bead weaving, and a few suitable for jewellery purposes. They’ll need to age, until the ideas percolate!


I plan to do a little beading on the Easter weekend! But then what about painting, stitching, and playing with that new resin? I want to make time for that as well. Not to mention, fitting in another beachcombing trip! Be safe, enjoy the weekend, and make sure that you take a little time to get up close and personal with your beads!

Creativity is in your hands

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands. – Leonardo da Vinci Whether you paint, work metal, lampwork or do beadwork, creativity can be like a thunder bolt out of the blue or as a soft voice in the back of your mind whispering, ‘why not try it this way?’ However you receive creativity, you can develop and hone your skills at a class. Late-April classes feature several new classes with Anne Marie Desaulniers and Pamela Kearns. We also welcome Quebec lampwork artist Karina Guevin and Alberta beadworker Carolyn Cave to teach at BeadFX. You can meet both …

InspirationFX: Brandy Meet Onyx, Onyx Meet Brandy

Brandy Meet Onyx, Onyx Meet Brandy Designed By: Rochelle Kilmer Ohh these little onyx and gold links are so sweet. I had them hanging around on my desk not long after they went live. I just couldn’t decide if they were going to be earrings, or a necklace or a bracelet!! There are soo many options with these pre-done links. Then it struck me. I need to introduce Onyx to Brandy, Crystal Brandy to you. Brandy slid onto an eyepin and I used the 1-Step Looper to close up the other loop. But before I completely closed the loop, Onyx …

The Rise of the Mutants!

Giant mutant creatures are sweeping a path of destruction across the country – pack the station wagon and head for the hills! No – wait – it’s Toho Hybrid ColorTrends size 8/0 and 11/0 seedbeads. My bad. Mutants, Hybrids. Nevermind. We’re good. Actually – the Hybrid colors are the result of an alliance between the technical expertise of the Japanese beadmakers – Toho, and the 300 year tradition of color innovation from the Czech glass bead makers. These beads are manufactured in Japan, and then shipped to the Czech republic for multiple processes that are producing unique and never-before-seen colors. …

Floral jewelery – to celebrate signs of spring!

They say that “April showers bring May flowers”, but is it too early to celebrate with a little floral jewelery? The weather is warmer, and signs of spring are starting to pop up in this part of the country. I swear that the tulips at the side of my building have grown at least two inches, in the last day. Finally! Not being a girly girl, I don’t have much floral jewelery to show, but should I? Is this the only way I can broadcast my feelings, about my most favourite season of renewal? Should I make something entirely new? …

Taming the Wild Rat (Tail)

Rat Tail (Rattail, Rat-tail) – is a fat, satiny cord that is perfect for knotting, and comes in a huge selection of glossy, vibrant colors. It is strong, colorfast, UV resistant, and works well for many crafts besides jewelry making. (I can attest to it’s durability – I use a piece of it to hang the thermometer in the pool. Between the sunlight and the occasional chlorine schock – that is pretty harsh testing.) It is woven from nylon, and when you cut the end, it will fray very rapidly. The fastest way to stop this is to gently fuse …