There’s no gold like Faux Gold …

s55474 ParaWire - 16 gauge Round Wire - Faux Gold (5 yards)… like no gold, I know. Actually – I know there is no gold in faux gold, but the point is not the gold, the point is that this is a gold-colored alloy wire that looks like gold all the way through – unlike color-coated wire – which shows a copper core when cut. This is ParaWire’s new Faux Gold wire line-up, which, even when you look at the cut end, appears to be a solid color all the way through. It is also very consistent in color across the sizes, and is a rich, convincing gold color.



Other goodies this week – we have many ways to end it all.

For instance, we have more of the tube end connectors. These are ostensibly for making a nice end for your beadweaving projects – slide the last row of your peyote, loomed, brick or square stitch creation into the tube at the open end (if the beads you are using are too large, make the first row out of beads that will fit – a sacrificial row, if you like) – and then fold down the little door-flap at the end of the tube and hey-presto – a nice, clean end with a loop to attach a clasp. Even if you have a finished piece, you can add a row of beads to slide into the tube, because that’s how we roll – we can adjust things to make it work! We are masters of our universe!

You can also use it in other ways – ball chain fits nicely in to the tube too – for instance … .

s55485 Findings - 30 mm Tube End Connector - Antiqued Copper (Pair)s55488 Findings - 19 mm Tube End Connector - Satin Rhodium (Pair)s55495 Findings - 16 mm Tube End Connector - Satin Hamilton Gold (Pair)

And on the topic of innovation – here are some shorter versions of the silicone-filled tube bead. These beads have a soft, squishy center – you thread your cord or chain ends in, one from the left, one from the right, and the bead creates a tensioned cross-over clasp that you can just pull the cord to tighten or loosen.

s55499 Findings - 4 mm Silicone Filled Tube Bead String-On Clasp - Satin Hamilton Gold (2)s55500 Findings - 4 mm Silicone Filled Tube Bead String-On Clasp - Antiqued Silver (2)

If you are looking for something blingier in a clasp, however, something more traditional – perhaps for that updated take on the string of pearls for this summer’s chi-chi garden party where you accept your award for best-tended garden – yeah, right – or how about something thoughtful and personal for Mother’s day – you still have time, you know – to make something for your mum … .

s55505 Findings - Fold Over Clasp - 3 Strand D with Rhinestones - Bright Gold Plateds55504 Findings - Fold Over Clasp - 3 Strand D with Rhinestones - Antiqued Silvers55503 Findings - Fold Over Clasp - 3 Strand D with Rhinestones - Bright Silver

And – if you are suffering from indecision, or just want a mix of beads instead of picking out 10 of this and 10 of that – here are a nice selection of mixes. These also make great gifts (Hellooooo Mother!) for beady friends, or friends you’d like to be beady friends.

27098000-35 Bead Mix - Firepolish Mix - Aqua (50 g)27098000-34 Bead Mix - Firepolish Mix - Greens (50 g)27898000-21 Bead Mix - Czech Glass Bead Mix - Lady Garen (50 g)27898000-33 Bead Mix - Czech Glass Pearl Mix - Gatsby Gold (50 g)


As always – lots of great old stuff and great new stuff here! Cheers!


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clbaa-bu Thread - Size AA C-LON Thread - Burgundy (Spool) <font color="#FF0000">Managers Special</font> 25% off!clbaa-dcr Thread - Size AA C-LON Thread - Dark Cream (Spool) <font color="#FF0000">Managers Special</font> 25% off!clbd-lo Thread - Size D C-LON Thread - Light Orchid (Spool) <font color="#FF0000">Managers Special</font> 25% off!


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