All that Glitters is not gold

s24748 Metal Beads - 12 mm Puffy Squares - Brushed Gold (strand)But it sure looks like it anyway!

We have a smallish stash of gold-plated over copper beads – made in India, and perfect for that boho-chic look. Pair with dark coloured wood or stone for a very rich look. We have beads, caps & cones, separators, and headpins. This is all limited quantity stuff – so don’t bookmark the page and promise yourself you will come back for it later – because you know it will be gone by then

s28751 Metal Beads - 12 mm Puff Lentils - Brushed Gold (strand)s55934 Metal Bead - 10 mm Curvy Disk - Brushed Gold (strand)s55936 Findings - Headpins - Stacked Balls - Bright Gold Plated (20)s55937 Findings - Separator/Connector - 1 : 4 Ornate Triangle - Bright Gold Plated (strand)s55939 Findings - Cone - 10 mm ID Filigree Cone - Bright Gold Plated (strand)



Also glittering away are these gold-plated-glass seedbeads – size 8/0 True Cuts, and Size 6/0s! Perfect as spacers, accents, or even as the main course in a luxe design.

s55925 Czech Seedbeads - 8/0 True Cut - 24Kt Gold Plated (10 grams)s55926 Czech Seedbeads - 6/0 Seedbead - 24 Kt Gold Plated (10 grams)

Fashion Cabs

A fashion cab is not a taxi with a designer name – it is these fun acrylic resin flatback cabs – suitable for sewing or gluing on costumes, floats, home decor, etc. We are now offering them in Bulk Packs of 10 each – because if one is fun, then more is funner!

10608890-02b Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 18 mm Faceted Round - Neon Orange (10) (Bulk pack)10608824-05b Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 25 mm Square - Silver Sugar (10) (Bulk pack)10608825-02b Resin - Fashion Cabochon - 18 x 25 mm Oval - Cosmic Sugar (10) (Bulk pack)


Plus – a sale on stone beads and pearls!

20% off this week and next on our Stone beads (including the Amber, cabochons, pendants, the diamond pendants, and the gemstone strands) and our Pearls (freshwater, and what the heck, the fashion pearls and Swarovski pearls, too!)





Every week – lots of great old stuff and great new stuff here! Cheers!




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