June Bead Mat Update: Just playing around!

I almost forgot about my June bead mat update! I don’t believe that I almost missed it!!! Also, how did I forget to include my bead mat in the photos? Bad muse, bad!!!

June has been a strange month. Excessive heat, cooling periods, pollen allergies, headaches, rain, flooding, storms, sunshine, clouds, hail, and all sorts of weird in-between weather. When you combine that with a heavy dose of annoying roadwork, it’s really quite depressing. But did that put a crimp in my creativity? Not likely!

Well perhaps a wee bit, but I’m working to overcome it. I was busy on the workshop front, so that always sparks new projects (and leaves little time for anything else). Intuitive bead embroidery, altering metal washers, paper bowls, and resin, oh my! The bead embroidery has barely been started; and I forgot to take photos of the washers; but here’s a sampling of my resin pieces. The small ones are test samples for different colourants. I have a bulk bag of the large silver jumprings, so expect to see more of these in the future. Do you think that I should make a charm bracelet out of them?

June bead mat update

You’ve seen the dirty pour samples before, but I just added a thin coat of Ice Resin. Now I need to paint the backs, and brush resin on the sides. I could add a pin back, or use them as the focal in future bead embroidery projects. More exploring is in order!

June bead mat update

Experimenting, based on something a student spotted, and passed on to me. Still more layers to be added, so keep tuned?

June bead mat update

Not stitch related, and certainly not on my June bead mat update, but I’m participating in another wee paper swap (lots of fun, and they’re always looking for new participants). Of course, I needed to do a little more Gelli printing! This time on paint chips, liberated from a local home improvement store. Great shapes, and if you’re covering them with paint, who cares where they came from? Don’t you just love free art supplies? Also, did I ever tell you that Gelli printing is addicting (see examples on the Gelli Arts blog)? Colour therapy at it’s finest!

June bead mat update

Here’s the start of a new BeadFX Inspiration! More layers to be added, but I do like the beginning. I promised myself, that I would work on brighter pieces for the summer. But what do I do? Yep! Gunmetal again!! I hoped that the Swarovski beads would lighten it up, but so far, it’s not working. Not a real bother, but I really should try to stick to my plan! Even though everyone knows that I probably won’t! LOL!

June bead mat update

My June bead mat update is a little sparse, but I hope to rectify that for July! What’s on your bead mat this month?

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