Not Windows. Not Donuts.

But glazed, nevertheless. And Frosted.

Drawing a blank as to what it might be?

The new line of Glazed 11/0 Delicas and Frosted Glazed, that’s what it is. Everyone is talking about them, everybody has been waiting for them, and we have them. Dark Rose, Yellow Mustard, Cinnamon, Purple Mulberry, Pistachio Green, Orange Chilli, Red Cherry, and more!! Dive right in! (Also in bulk bags of 50 and 250 grams, in case you REALLY want to dive in!)

Need a beading surface? This cute little 5 x 8 inch Bead-on-it-Board is new, and will go anywhere with you! Get two, because you will use them!! Plus – we restocked on the other sizes too.

s56427 Design Tools - 5 x 8 in Bead on it Board - Synthetic Velvets56427 Design Tools - 5 x 8 in Bead on it Board - Synthetic Velvets56427 Design Tools - 5 x 8 in Bead on it Board - Synthetic Velvet

The end of August and Labour Day isn’t really the end of summer, but it sure feels like a doorway into Autumn. Before you check out for weekend, Czech out our Czech Bead sale! 20% off!

Czech Seedbeads

Czech Firepolish


plus other beads in categories that start Czech … – but not the Czechmates. You’ll just have to go exploring to find them all!

OK, I’ll help you out here 😉

Beads – Czech Crystal
Components – Buttons – Czech Glass
Czech Firepolish Glass – Bicones
Czech Firepolish Glass – Briolettes
Czech Firepolish Glass – Cathedral / Lantern
Czech Firepolish Glass – Central Cut
Czech Firepolish Glass – Donut – Large
Czech Firepolish Glass – Donut – Medium
Czech Firepolish Glass – Donut – Really Big
Czech Firepolish Glass – Donut – Small
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 10+ mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 2 mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 3 mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 4 mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 6 mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Faceted Round – 8 mm
Czech Firepolish Glass – Fancy Shapes
Czech Firepolish Glass – Micro Spacers
Czech Firepolish Glass – Ovals
Czech Firepolish Glass – Rich Cut Round
Czech Firepolish Glass – TwoWay Cut
Czech Firepolish Glass – Window
Seedbeads – Bulk Czech Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 10/0 Cubes
Seedbeads – Czech 10/0 Cut
Seedbeads – Czech 10/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 11/0 Cut
Seedbeads – Czech 11/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 12/0 Cut
Seedbeads – Czech 12/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 13/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 15/0 Charlottes
Seedbeads – Czech 16/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 6/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 8/0 Cut
Seedbeads – Czech 8/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech 9/0 Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Czech Bugles
Seedbeads – Czech Charlottes
Seedbeads – Czech Larger Seedbeads
Seedbeads – Seedbead Mixes – Czech Mixes
Shaped Bead Buffet – Czech Farfalle / Peanut

As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website – so “check” it out.

Our store is closed for Labour Day – but our trusty computers will be standing by to take your orders! Have a safe and happy and beady long weekend!




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