A Gem of an Update

Looking for a few good gems? Something in a special pendant or a strand of something enticing? You can make the whole strand into something sweet for yourself, or make a suite of jewelry, or split it up and make something for yourself and some friends. It IS time to start making if you are making for the holidays! Those special friends and treasured relatives can have something that they will appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Everyone else gets a gift card. 😉 Oh yeah – we have gift certificates too. Might as well get them hooked on beading. 😉

If you want something classic and timeless – how about some Labradorite? Labradorite is one of our most popular stones – the misty shades of grey and elusive flashes of blue never go out of style. Pair some with this similarly coloured Rutile Quartz for something extra special.

s56374 Stone Beads - Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Labradorite (strand)s56375 Stone Beads - Faceted Pear Drops - Labradorite AAA Grade (strand)s56373 Stone Pendant - Faceted Pear Drop - Rutile Quartz

This softly-coloured subtle moonstone is a lovely complement too.

s56397 Stone Beads - Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Moonstone (strand)

Perhaps you’ve been promising yourself a multi-coloured strand of tourmaline – I know I have. You can string it in the shaded order it comes in, or pull out the pinks for one creation and the greens for another!

s56376 Stone Beads - Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Tourmaline (strand)

Also classic is Amethyst – the richness of the purple will always speak to you. Legend has it that Amethyst prevents drunkenness – although I am boggled as to how that might work.

s56378 Stone Beads - Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Amethyst (strand)s56379 Stone Bead/Pendant - 11 mm Faceted Briolette - Amethyst

These juicy strands of peridot are turning heads here in the store too – let’s hope the staff leaves some for you!

s56400 Stone Beads - Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Peridot (strand)


The colours of India – how about fiery Carnelian and Hot Pink Chalcedony? The chalcedony is “dyed,” of course – if its natural colour was that intense – we’d never be able to afford to bring it to you! However, the colour is permanent and will not “wash off.”

s56377 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Carnelian (strand)s56383 Stone Beads OOAK - 10 x 15 mm Faceted Pear Drops - Intense Pink Chalcedony (strand)s56384 Stone Beads OOAK - 8 x 14 mm Faceted Pear Drops - Intense Pink Chalcedony (strand)

And speaking of stones that have been altered to make them both more beautiful and more affordable (because none of us ever do anything to artificially make anything look better, right? 😉 ) – these faceted drops are stabilized turquoise. Stabilized turquoise has resin added at high pressure to strengthen the rather soft nature of natural turquoise.

s56382 Stone Bead/Pendant - 15 x 38 mm Faceted Pear Drop - Turquoise (Stabilized)

This canary yellow “hydroquartz” on the other hand – is completely humanmade, imitating the heat and pressure that mother nature uses, in a fraction of the millenia she takes.

s56401 Stone Beads - Faceted Briolette Drops - Canary Hydroquartz (strand)

Looking for a variety of colours in a more subtle stone? How about this Matte Black Gold Amazonite? Again – string it as it comes, or separate the colours and make multiple pieces with matching stones!

s56394 Stone Beads - 6 mm Rondelle - Matte Black Gold Amazonite (strand)s56395 Stone Beads - 25 x 35 mm Free Form Oval - Matte Black Gold Amazonite (strand)s56391 Stone Beads - 8 x 10 mm Tumbled Nugget - Matte Black Gold Amazonite (strand)

How about a pendant to spark your creativity? These One of a Kind pendants, accented with faceted White Topaz stones will look elegant on a chain by themselves, or string something coordinated, or contrasting! to make something that is truly your own. This Druzy Oval, this Freeform faceted Lapis, this stunning teardrop Phosphosiderite (such an awkward name for such a stunning colour!)

s56402 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Oval Pendant - Electric Carnival Druzys56403 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Freeform Pendant - Lapis Lazulis56404 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Teardrop Pendant - Phosphosiderite

Or how about this Ruby Zoisite? Or this one? Or this moonstone?

s56405 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Freeform Pendant - Ruby Zoisites56406 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Triangle Pendant - Ruby Zoisites56407 Stone Pendant - OOAK - Teardrop Pendant - Moonstone

Or this Lapis Pendant? Or this purple turquoise (stabilized and dyed). You’re in luck – we have more than one each of these.

s56409 Stone Pendant - Rectangle Pendant - Lapis Lazulis56408 Stone Pendant - Rectangle Pendant - Purple Turquoise


Or this Hematite, cut to overlap, in a sinuously dragon-scaly shape. This one, despite not being the most exotically coloured, is the one that speaks to me the most of all the stones in this stony update!

s56428 Stone - Dragon Scales - Hematite (strand)



Czech Bead Fall Sale!

Blammo – and just like that – it feels like fall. Cool crisp nights and pleasant days and even some evenings cool enough for no bugs! Yay! We’re celebrating with a Czech Bead sale! 20% off! Czech your beads – you can stock up and save!


As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website – so “check” it out.







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