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Dark Amber Glory

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

One of the advantages of shopping in store is the ability to wander around and look for exact colour matches. One of the advantages of reading these inspirations is not having to do that. 😉

This particular piece came about because I wanted to do something with the dark amber, and I wanted it to be a bracelet, because I was in a bracelet frame of mind. The Swarovski Crystal Red Magma is a perfect match for the dark amber, and adds a little sparkle, and the Rose Cathedral Rivoli has the same rich amber colour, but with hits of fuchsia and light amber, for the perfect complement.

To make this, I started by gluing the Rivoli into the Rivoli Setting and waiting for the glue to cure.

I then took the wire and wired the loops of the setting onto the filigree, wrapping multiple times, and lining the wraps up next to each other for a decorative look. I then used the same Hypotube glue and glued a 3 mm round on top of the loop to disguise it. (If I were doing this again, I would use the wire to secure the 3 mm bead, but I didn’t think of it until after I had cut the wire off close. )

I then made the strands – starting with the .5 mm elastic (the larger sizes just won’t go through the amber beads), and putting the elastic through a wire guardian. I hooked this onto the filigree, and knotted it in place. I then strung a few amber beads, a single crystal, and then amber beads until I had just a couple of cm left, adding another crystal,and adding more amber to the right length. I then added the wire guardian,hooked onto the other side of the filigree, and added another strand of amber.You need about a meter for 6 strands, but if that is too much to handle at once, you can always knot and join on a new piece. I went back and forth from one side to the other, using a wire guardian to attach to the filigree each time,for a nicer look, and so the metal filigree would not damage the elastic cord.

Finally, I secured the knots with a dab of the same glue.

The filigree is fairly large, and might overwhelm small wrists, but looks very elegant on larger wrists. You could also easily adapt this design to be a pendant with multiple strands of amber to support it.


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