Bead Bombing: Sharing the sparkle!

I consider bead bombing, to be a perfectly acceptable beading activity! But then again, I’m a bit of a rebel! What is it? Have you ever tried it? Is it something that you would consider doing it in the future? Perhaps it’s time for a little more discussion!

Bead bombing is a fairly new art form, but to understand it better, we should first look at the area of yarn bombing.

bead bombing

Lets start with just one, of many definitions:

“the action or activity of covering object or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crocheted material, as a form of street art. Also called guerrilla knitting.”

“yarn bombing has become increasingly popular as a way to brighten up our surroundings”

bead bombing

I cannot see anyone in their right minds, covering any large structure in beads! But what about a rock, or even a bench? Check out this Bead Love blog post, with an intro by Marcia Decoster, then you will see that I’m not the only one thinking about this. Laura Zeiner is actually living the bead bombing dream! LOL! Isn’t this a cool way to share a little bit of your art? I especially love the beaded rock, but please note that photos of both the bench and rock, were borrowed directly from the blog post.

bead bombing

bead bombing

Wouldn’t it be cool, to join in on the fun, or even to just divest yourself of a few U.F.O’s? I have a few rocks, and even some driftwood, that could do with a sparkly facelift! It’s an interesting idea, but would I ever be willing to expose my work to the elements? What if I utilized some of my unfinished projects, or even some less than stellar beads? Would it matter? Perhaps to a purist, but we’re not talking show quality work!

Dream along with me! Which materials would you use? Czech or Japanese beads? Thread or Fireline? Would the piece stand up to the elements? What if it disintegrated, or if someone ran away with it? Does any of that matter?

Look at the photo of this cool bicycle, that my friend Diane sent me from Germany! It looks like a prop for a bead show/sale, but you could certainly bead bomb, small parts of a bicycle.?

bead bombing

What if we gathered the resistance forces, then bead bombed the BeadFX classroom? I could certainly support that idea!!! Are you game to take a chance, or even to try something new? If so, please remember to share photos of your guerrilla beading!

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