Handmade gifts! Is it better to give or receive?

“The time has come, the walrus said” to speak of handmade gifts! Should you start your holiday gifts early, or leave them until the last minute?

A conundrum for sure, but both strategies have merit! Early gives you lots of time, and a certain amount of peace of mind. Late gifts you with an adrenaline rush, and also the chance to show off your latest skills (perhaps learned in a BeadFX workshop?). To help you get through the season, I also prescribe coffee, chocolate, and medicinal liquids! If you need a kick-start, there’s still time to take either a November, or December workshop. Think of it as the gift (to yourself), that keeps on giving!

handmade gifts

As an instructor, it’s easy to have more than a handful of samples on hand. But are they suitable handmade gifts? What do you say? What would you do?

handmade gifts

I wouldn’t gift something that I use to advertise a workshop, but what about my working samples (made during the workshop)? What if I made them with someone specific in mind (colour, favourite technique, etc.), and didn’t flog the photos on the internet? Would this be okay? Not that I’m planning on doing this, but just in case! Heh, heh!!

It’s easy to have a ready supply of gifts on hand, but what if I forget about them? Picture this! I make something spectacular in July, then forget about it, and end up making (or buying) something else in either November, or December. Then I remember! Oh, the horror!!! Do I gift both, or one, and save the other for the next occasion? Oh good! I can defer the gift, then have another chance to forget it next year!!! Am I really that muddled? Not really, but it could happen.

I love both making, and receiving handmade gifts! But not everyone does. I remember one friend, who was not allowed to give her daughter any of her beautiful, handmade quilts (an edict, direct from the daughter). How did she cope with the rejection? Have you ever had anyone reject your gifts? Do you appreciate the ones that you receive?

handmade gifts

handmade gifts

Isn’t the above photo adorable? Borrowed from Curly Girl Coop! The sweater (which I would prefer not to mention) was found here!

As makers, are we obligated to give handmade gifts to our friends and families? Yes, but only to those who appreciate them! Otherwise, something store bought is appropriate. By the way (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), giving is better than receiving, but receiving is pretty nice as well!

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