You needle these – 3 cuts above

If you are a needle-snob – you needle these needles. Exquisite needles made with excruciating attention to detail. These are the premium Hiroshima Tulip brand needles – made of high quality metal, with a larger eye – polished inside and out – and polished lengthwise for smoother action through fabric; these needles are for Beading, Embroidery, and sure, sewing, quilting, cross-stitch too – because who all doesn’t do more than one craft around here? You can read more about the history of these needles here, like how they were made by out-of-work samurai. 😉

And if you aren’t a needle snob – why the heck not? You deserve high-quality needles. So there. Better needles make needling easier.

74302051 Needle - #10 Hiroshima Tulip Brand - Applique - Big Eye (Pack)74302107 Needle - # 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Hiroshima Tulip Brand - Embroidery - Thin (Pack)

Even shorty knitting needles!

89560400 Needle - Short (4 in) Hiroshima Tulip Brand - Knitting Needles (Pair)

And as if I haven’t needled you enough – tambour needles. Which is a real specialty item!

s57093 Needle - Tambour Embroidery Needle - 3 Needle set with Handle (Set)

Tambour is a style of embroidery done with a sharp, hooked needle that makes a chain stitch. Punch, twist, lift. You can use it to outline, fill, or attach sequins. You work on a stretched fabric on a frame or hoop. Have a quick boo on youtube for all kinds of tutorials and demos. Aaaaaand, as a matter of fact – we have a class coming up on Monday on this very technique!


Alrighty – moving along – it’s a cut above, and the first cut is not the deepest, it’s the same as the next two. That’s because we just added more of the size 9/0 3-cut seed beads. The thing about the 3-cuts is that they are sparklier – the cuts – the flattened surfaces (3 of them!) reflect the light more than a curved bead, so they add a little sizzle and sparkle. The three cuts – facets – are evenly spaced around the bead, so it is more like a cylinder with 3 flat sides.

And being a size 9/0 – it’s a little bigger than the more common 10/0s and 11/0s, but not as large as the 8/0s and 6/0s. It still looks like a seed bead. But a smidgey bit bigger.

6710030S Czech Seedbeads - 9/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Transparent Navy Blue Iris (hank)6710009S Czech Seedbeads - 9/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Crystal Iris (hank)6710040S Czech Seedbeads - 9/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Colour Lined Sapphire/Fuchsia (hank)6710041S Czech Seedbeads - 9/0 3-Cut Rocailles - Aqua Luster (hank)

The upside to these latest colours is that they are from a source that we fully expect to be able to restock from -the last round was from a now-defunct business. 🙁 So you can plan bigger, more repeatable projects!

As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.

Happy beading. Oh look – I made it all the way through without making a point about having a point. Er …




  1. Verna Washington /Verna's Handmade Jewellery

    Love these seed beads and the colours. I have heard of the tulip needles, cannot wait to try them out.

    On a more somber note. I do not like this new website. It harder to find things. There is no menu to find things either.

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