Help Us Help Others with the BeadFX Food Drive

Many of us in Toronto and the surrounding area are lucky! We have some discretionary money that we can spend on non-essentials that won’t impact on monies we need to pay our bills, rent or mortgage, and other necessities.

Many in Toronto are not so lucky and are having problems managing the essentials. These individuals and families need to decide if money goes toward food or hydo or rent or anything else that may be required for daily living. Families are particularly hard hit because it means children go hungry. Another group of people whose needs are increasing are senior citizens!

I’ve had my luck run out and had to deal with social assistance for a time. It’s not fun.

You can help those who need a hand up with a donation of canned or non-perishable foods. As we’ve done in previous years, BeadFX will have a decorated box near the front entrance where you can drop-off food.

What kind of donations are useful? Just about anything: dry pasta, cans of pasta sauce, canned vegetables, cereals, peanut butter, dry milk, rice and beans or lentils. Also essential is baby formula! And yes, treats such as chocolates are good for the soul.

You can also consider items like soap and shampoo. No, they can’t be eaten but they are still needed!

The donation box will be at our entrance until Wednesday, December 20 at which time our staff will take the contents to the Fire Station on Bermondsey near Eglinton Avenue.

Thank you so much!

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