Jewelery Layering: Join in on the fun!

Isn’t it about time that you explored jewelery layering? You have boxes and drawers, stuffed full of unloved and abandoned jewelery! How about doing something about it?

jewelery layering

Image –

I layer my necklaces, and bracelets, but if I wore rings, I’d layer them as well! I don’t layer earrings, but it’s okay if you do!

I’m not a hippie, but I love jewelery layering! I also layer my clothing, as basic black, white, and grey, low necks, high necks, and turtlenecks, are all perfect backdrops for the layered look.

Image – Etsy – InaraJewels

Free those sad little necklaces! Release them from their boxes, then sort them into tidy piles. Check them out!

This is what had to say about jewelery layering:

“Layer it, stack it, style it

1. It’s essential to create a balanced look when layering; spacing is key. Each piece should compliment the next one, not look cluttered or get twisted amongst each other. You want each piece to be displayed naturally not blocking each others view.
2. It’s good to mix bold statement pieces with fine and delicate ones. Too many chunky pieces makes you look weighed down so it’s important to get variety.
3. Consider the neckline you’re wearing when layering necklaces, the simpler it is, the more decorative you can be. Generally wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. It really makes the jewellery speak for itself.
4. Mix metals, textures and stones; this creates a more natural and interesting feel. It doesn’t need to match perfectly!”

Layering is just plain fun! I love to layer silver chains, and also multiple lengths of rosary chains (necklaces, connected with wire loops)! –

Image – Etsy – PABjewellery

Jewelery layering is not a new movement! Pile on the goodies!! Pair thin, short chains, with longer, heavier ones, for an interesting look! Layer pearls with chains, crystals with stones, then don’t forget to mix in the charms. Add shorter chains, to a long talisman necklace, then mix in a few different colours of metal. All is good!

Check out this article on! Also click on the BeadFX Inspirations page, then dream about jewelery layering. Let me know what you think!

By the way, none of the jewelery photos are mine!? I grabbed them from the internet. The nature photos were taken at the beach, last weekend. Cold, but no wind, so tolerable! Layers are interesting! Particularly the strata layers of sand and stones, pushed up by the waves.

jewelery layering

jewelery layering

Quilts, water, stones, sand, plants, recipes and collage are all layered. Then is it any wonder that jewelery layering is so natural? Release your individuality, set your jewelery free, but don’t forget to layer!!

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