It takes a Head …

It takes a head to get ahead – or in this case – to finish this pendant! Isn’t this fun! You can add a head that you make in polymer clay, or a collaged resin pendant with a face, or a lampwork bead …

s57225 Metal Pendant - Jointed Body Armature - Bright Silver
s57225 Metal Pendant - Jointed Body Armature - Bright Silver

… or, if you have the sort of twisted sense of humor I have – a Swarovski skull!
s57225 Metal Pendant - Jointed Body Armature - Bright Silver

You can also dress them – make little beaded outfits, hats for whatever you choose as a head, and one hand even has a hole so you can make a little beaded purse to hang from it. I’m thinking of another skull for mine to carry … . 😉


And while we are all trying to get ahead of our Christmas shopping, let me point out some items that might help you.

For the people on your list who are hard to give jewelry to because they don’t like frilly things – how about some stainless steel? Be they guys, or just gals who are just too darn practical for jewelry – stainless steel is a good solid choice. We have some new neck chains, and also some nice chain by the foot, so you can make bracelets, necklaces, anklets, or even key fobs, wallet leashes, etc.

s57219 Finished Chain - Necklace - 20 inch Curb Chain - Stainless Steel



Gosh darn – rivolis are just gorgeous – but what the heck to do with them? Imma gonna help ya out here. New findings for using rivolis, to go with our existing ones. We should now have findings for all the sizes we carry.

So, for the smaller, 11 mm (SS47) – we have earring posts. You’ll need some earring backs to go with them, and some rivolis, of course. Or you can go with the leverback earring style.

s57217 Earrings - Earpost - for Rivoli (1122) SS47 - Stainless Steel (Pair)s57216 Earrings - Leverback - for Rivoli (1122) SS47 - Silver Plated (Pair)

For the 16 mm rivolis, we have this Connector/pendant base. Hang a single 16 mm rivoli, or a bunch!

s57218 Findings - Stone Mount - Connector for Rivoli (1122) 16MM - Imitation Rhodium

With almost 200 different Rivolis in five sizes, and findings for all of them, you should be able to come up with some pretty sweet designs!

And then, there is the pre-made earring studs. These can go into the emergency gift category – the hostess gift for the party you didn’t know you were going to, the teacher you forgot about, the girlfriend of the son who shows up for Christmas dinner that he didn’t tell you he was bringing, the thank-you for the neighbor who puts out your chimney fire. There is always someone … in fact, our ready-to-go page is a haven for those little emergencies. And should you get to January without needing a spare gift – well score – you get to keep them for yourself. 😉

s57210 Earring - Studs - Swarovski Square - Crystal Peony Pink (Pair)s57211 Earring - Studs - Swarovski Square - Crystal Azure Blue (Pair)

In other news – we have a new selection of horsey charms and pendants,


s57138 Pendant - Stylish Horse - Bright Gold Plateds57137 Charm - Coin Horse - Bright Gold Plateds57140 Charm/Pendant - Jumping Horse - Antiqued Silvers57141 Charm/Pendant - Windblown Horse - Antiqued Silver

and more of the statement clasps that can totally elevate a strand of beads from necklace to art jewelry. Seriously – the shoe is a clasp.

s57145 Finding - Clasp - Toggle - Angel Wing - Bright Gold Plateds57144 Finding - Clasp - Toggle - Flying Swallow - Bright Gold Plateds57135 Findings - Clasps - Toggle - Palm Tree - Sterling Silvers57128 Findings - Clasps - Hook and Eye - High Heel - Sterling Silvers57126 Finding - Hook Clasp - Book - Sterling Silver

So relax, have fun, shop online with a glass of wine, and remember to take joy in the season where ever you can find it!

As always – you can view all interesting new stuff on the website here.




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