Beady priorities! Should we worry about them, or not?

Have you ever thought about your beady (and/or crafting) priorities? Is this something that you have already considered, or is it a totally new concept?

beady priorities

If you’re in the business of selling your beaded items, I’m sure that it’s something that you have already defined, in your business plan. But what if you’re beading for a hobby, relaxation, or just for the fun of it? Do you need to set priorities? If so, why?

I believe that you should set beady priorities, in both instances! On the business end, you need think about how you will sell your work? For example, contacting shows, galleries, and other venues that will accept your work. Network, fill out tons of forms, feel constantly exhausted, have less time for your family, then learn to deal with disappointment (rejection is just one more step towards success)!!! But what about revenue vs expenses, tax concerns, inventory levels, how to manage your stash, marketing, networking, and maintaining a home studio? How about the almighty budget? Without a budget, how will you manage your business goals?

You need to treat your beady business, as a business! Otherwise, how will you gauge how you’re doing, or if you’re making any money? Selling your work, is definitely work!!! Setting priorities, helps smooth your path towards success! Making time for your friends and family, is equally important! If you juggle carefully, you will reap all of the rewards!

beady priorities

But what about the hobbyists? Should they set beady priorities, as well? If so, what could they be? Do you want your stash, taking over your house? If not, put a plan in place, to manage it! Storage options are a necessity, but do you budget for stash additions? Do you buy tons of books and magazines? What do you do with them, after you’ve finished reading them? Do they just pile up, or do you have storage, and/or a plan for either gifting them to someone else, or donating/recycling them? How do you identify/mark projects that you find interesting? Are they a priority? What are your goals?

beady priorities

beady priorities

What about your unfinished projects (U.F.O.s)? Do you hide them in a drawer, or leave them in plain sight? What if you made it a priority to finish one U.F.O. a quarter? Would that work? What if you hate a project? Is it okay to either abandon, donate, or rip it all out? What about Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Weddings, Birthdays, graduation, etc. I know that they are all priorities! But how do you juggle the deadlines? Could you set a plan? What’s stopping you from keeping a separate calendar, then marking in all of your beady deadlines? Would that help to keep your priorities straight?

beady priorities

It’s also important to prioritize planned visits to the bead shop. Think of it as a pleasant shopping trip, perhaps time to relax, chat, and bead with other beaders, or even to take a workshop. While you’re there, sign up for the newsletter, so that you don’t miss out on sales, or new products! You know that you can do all of this on-line. don’t you? Well, except for the workshops! Sorry, you do need to take those in person.

Beading is good for your mental and physical health (also metalwork, mixed media, knitting, lampwork bead making, etc.). So, isn’t it time that you set some beady priorities, to help you to optimize your health and happiness? Take the time! You’re worth it!!

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