I have a morning ritual …

and it involves beads. On weekday mornings, I get up, and feed the dogs, and make myself a coffee, and go and sit with my beads. I have a bead-on-it board, on a little folding table, near a window. And spread out on the board, at any given time, is a selection of beads.

I’m not making anything fancy – in fact – in the last six months, I’ve hardly done anything but stretchy elastic bracelets. I’m not making them for sale, I’m not making them for gifts. I’m not trying to build a reputation or promote my brand or save the planet or pay the mortgage or any of the other weights of the world. It’s just a quiet, meditative space in my day – making a little order out of chaos, enjoying the colour and weight and feel of the beads. Something simple, before tackling the complex world.

I think, for a lot of us, we take joy in our beads and the simple tasks of sorting, arranging, stringing, organizing, and yes, even the buying of the beads.

Beads – shiny little balls of peace and happiness.

Our March Madness sale runs until Midnight Sunday – 20% off everything (pretty much.) So you too can stock up your own shiny stash of happiness. 😉



We have restock on Bead on it Boards,

s38232 Design Tools - 6 x 11 inches Bead on it Board - Luxury Velvet/Chenille

Carrier Beads

s57773 Finding - Acrylic Carrier Beads - Clear (10)

and ImpressArt Metal Stamps


s55975 ImpressArt Stamps - Design Stamp/Punch Set - Border Pack - Series 3 (Set)

And during the sale too – what are we thinking! Oh yeah – we are thinking about happiness …? 😉

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