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Metal Charms & a week’s Grace on “free shipping at $50”

There is something very romantic about the idea of a traditional charm bracelet – a chain bracelet crammed full of charms to commemorate all the major milestones in life. A gift, perhaps at sweet sixteen, and then religiously adding to it for every special event, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, goals. Very romantic, and a wonderful conversation piece. A treasured collection of memories for reciting to grandchildren as they cuddle in your lap.

Buuuuuut – tastes change and so do the meanings of words. A “charm” is a metal (mostly) item that is intended to hang or dangle – it usually has a loop at the top. The difference between a charm and a pendant is really just a matter of size. So we have charms – you can hang on bracelets, or earrings, or make a small necklace pendant with it. Because not everyone has the same monster-taste in jewelry that I have. 😉

This week – we have some new charms to go with our existing charms. (How about asymmetrical earrings – one dog and one cat – for those who have both!)


Browse our wide selection of charms! You can pick a colour:

Silver or sterling

Gold, Copper

or Black

Or pick a theme:

Leaves, Hearts,

Cats, Dragons

or Bugs

And, of course, you can use them in my beloved stretchy bracelets. #braceletobsession


Carrier Beads!

Ha – they are still hot – and we still have them, and now we ALSO have the Glass ones. Am I wrong, or do these look like little cars? A couple of headpins and some donut beads and you could race them around the table. Vroom, vroom?

s58903 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - White (strand 15)s58904 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Jet (strand 15)

s58905 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Gunmetal (strand 15)s58906 Finding - Glass Carrier Beads - Bronze (strand 15)

A week’s Grace …

Still one more week to get free shipping at $50 instead of $100!


In case you missed it – 10% Better on Some Full-Pack (Factory Pack) Products!

10% Better Prices on the following bulk (full factory pack) items. Now the savings are even better! Most of these are online only items – we don’t store them in the store – so if you want to pick them up in-store, order them on-line and give us a chance to get them into-the-store! Or, just take advantage of the $50 free shipping. 😉

6-packs of Rivoli’s
Bulk Tee Beads
Bulk Miyuki Delicas
Bulk Miyuki Seedbeads
Bulk SuperDuos

That’s over 2,500 products!

As always – the new stuff is all here!

Also – don’t forget the Manager’s Specials – over 600 specially selected items on sale – with savings up to 70% off!

Are you interested in bigger quantities? Don’t forget our Full Packs and Designer Packs. Whether you are assembling kits or making the spectacular item of a life-time – we have better deals on bigger quantities!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!



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