June 2018 Bead Mat Update: Mixing up my media!

I didn’t think that I had much to include on my June 2018 Bead Mat Update, but I was wrong!

You’ll find that I’m a little all-over-the-place this month. Does that mean that I have AADD (Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder)? I’m afraid that I resemble that!!! Do you?

First up on my June 2018 Bead Mat Update, is one of my personal UFO2Go items. A cute beaded button (that will be turned into a pin), but originally an unfinished class sample from earlier in the year..

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

Then there’s the stone, metal, and leather bracelet from last year. Almost finished, but a little too long. All it needs is a little snip, and then to glue another metal piece on the end. How long do you think that will take me? I hope to finish this soon, as I think that it’s a perfect summer bracelet to pair with denim.

Ooh! Marg was kind enough to bring back some bracelet kits, for the staff, from the Bead & Button show. This is one I chose, and completed.

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

I make samples for every new class I teach. Good thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t have had nearly as much to share in my June 2018 Bead Mat Update. My “Scraps of Life: Fibre/Mixed Media Pendants & Brooches” class is coming up in July, and not only did I make one sample, I made a handful. Here’s the thing about making pendants! You need to figure out how you’re going to hang them around your neck! Leather is an obvious choice with fibre, but I already did that, and I wanted something a little fancier for this one. Stones, pearls & wire (purchased at BeadFX, of course)!!! The colours are great, but have I gone overboard? Only time will tell!

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

More samples, but this time cast in resin! I made some new silicone molds for another upcoming workshop, and I wanted to try them out. Buttons, faces, a shell pendant, and a couple of fossils (Ammonites). Now you can’t say that I don’t offer you variety? I’m only so, so, impressed with the colourants I chose (not being a purple person), but now I have the option to re-cast them over, and over again!!! Lucky me!! Aren’t the details amazing? The Ammonites are my favourites! One has a matte surface, and the other is shiny, just like the originals. I bet you didn’t know that resin doesn’t always come out shiny?

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

I dried a ton of leaves (well I may be exaggerating) in the fall, and I thought that I would see what happened if I boiled them up with some mixed media paper. Eco-dyeing is wonderful! I like these, but really not my best effort. I think that fresh leaves might have been better. Either that, or I needed to add a little rust to the water. I also need to experiment with what they call a rust blanket (who knew?)! Stay tuned for more of my mad scientist experiments!

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

The final item on my June 2018 Bead Mat Update, is my latest Stitch Meditation. I combined a silk upholstery sample, with an intuitive bead embroidery piece from last year. Not one of my normal colour schemes, but these SM’s are definitely taking me out of my comfort zone. This one is #64, in what will eventually be a series of 100. Whew! Only 36 more to go! Do you think that I’ll finish them before the end of the year?

June 2018 Bead Mat Update

I know that June is a big gardening month, but what have you been up to creatively? I’ve shown you mine, now it’s time for you to show me yours!!! If you send a nice photo or two, to info@beadfx.com, I’ll make sure that they’re included in a future blog post. Just ask that they be forwarded to me!

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