Polymer Clay Technique Play: Let the games begin!

I’m a technique junkie, so why would polymer clay technique play be any different?

When I get interested in a subject, I do everything I can to learn all about it. Don’t you? In the case of polymer clay, I took a class a year or so ago, played a little, purchased a book, surfed the net, then left it all behind. At the end of last year, my interest was renewed (I blame it all on my friend!), and it began again!

Oh, I couldn’t just be interested in the odd polymer clay technique, could I? Why don’t I want to make pretty canes, blocks, pendants, earrings, and beads? Instead I need to investigate carving it, then pairing it with non-traditional materials, including resin. But what about fabric? Could I combine it with metal, stones, and driftwood? How about organic material? But what about stitch? Do you think that I’ve actually done any of this? Perhaps a little, but not enough to actually show my work to anyone. I’m still experimenting! Heh, heh.

polymer clay technique

Polymer clay technique

Maker – Staci Louise Smith (the above 2 photos)

Polymer clay has chameleon like properties! I want it to look like ceramic (especially the beautiful glaze, and crackle finishes)! Why, you say? Because I do! I don’t have either the money, or the space for a kiln, but what’s a girl to do? I saw some yummy porcelain pods on the internet, from somewhere on the other side of the world, and I lust after them!!! Could I do something similar in polymer clay? So far, my efforts are laughable, but I’ll persevere!

polymer clay technique

polymer clay technique

polymer clay technique

Maker – Greybird Studio (the above three photos)

Polymer clay comes in nice, neat, colourful packages. No, you can’t buy it at BeadFX, but you can buy many of the fixings that go along with it. We have texture sheets, rollers, non-stick mats (teeny ones, but they work), tissue blades, and even some silicone molds. The silicone molding putty is on order, so you’ll even be able to make them yourself! If you don’t know how, there’s even a class for that!

Polymer clay uses many of the same tools as Metal Clay, so do I really need to buy more stuff? I already did, when I first became interested, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t need more!!

I bought all the little colourful bricks, played with them a little (I love the Mokume Gane technique), then discovered that my artistic toolbox is already full of many of the products that polymer aficionados have been getting excited about lately. Alcohol inks, acrylic paints, mica powders, glitter, and crackle paste. Then again, there’s metal leaf, soft pastels, carving tools, oil paint, matte medium, resin and even more!! Hmm, I wonder if Gilders Paste would work as a polymer clay technique? I must try it! I guess that I’m not a PC purist!

Did you know that the coolest techniques, only involve two to three colours? Black, white, and translucent! But then there’s the technique I spotted yesterday, that involves half baking your clay, then applying transparent liquid clay, that has been coloured with oil paint, then baking it again. I’m definitely going to try that! I’ve never done any silk screening on fabric, but did you know that it also works as yet another polymer clay technique (check out Ontario’s own Helen Breil)? Something else to try! Sigh!

polymer clay technique

polymer clay technique

polymer clay technique

polymer clay technique

Maker –Helen Breil (the above four photos)

Polymer clay has scratched its way out of the craft only market and is daring to sit up there with the artsy big girls (and boys)! Hold on tight, because it’s going to be an exciting ride! More about polymer clay in future blog posts!

My apologies! Blogger is being cranky today, and won’t let me centre, or enlarge any of the photos. Grrrr!!!


    1. Anne Marie

      Hi Karen,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my post! I truly believe that polymer clay is just another medium in our toolbox. Some will be happy with crafting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, I truly believe that an artist, is an artist, and it doesn’t really matter which medium they use. My aim is to take it to the next level, but I still have an awful lot of work to do, and I have no idea which path I will follow (probably all of them!)! I’d love to see some of your work!

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