A Sneak Peek at the New Swarovski Update – Fall/Winter 2018/2020 – Part 1

We got our sneak peak at the new Swarovski products that are coming up. This will be the Winter 2019 collection – because they are always a year ahead. This gives the designers time to get stuff made and out there and be on trend.


I apologize for the photography – I shot this on my phone in a darkened conference room. Some are photos of the powerpoint slides, so the perspective is a little skewed. The actual Swarovski images will come along soon enough – along with the actual products, which aren’t even here yet – so this really is a teaser.


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First thing they explained was the addition to the existing Crystal Lacquer line of colours, with the new Crystal Lacquer Pro Delite.

In essence – the order that the colour layers are being applied has changed. The original Crystal Lacquer is a crystal stone with a coloured lacquer backing. How they’ve changed this is to apply the “effect” (i.e. AB is an effect), and then the lacquer after. This introduces new ways to get interesting colour variations.

Here’s the progression of the colours – as they have been introduced since 2016

And the new colours, sorry about the camera shake.

Because of the way the colour is applied, a layer on the back – it doesn’t work for “beads” – so here’s what you pair the crystals with in the beads. The Crystal Shimmer and the Amethyst Shimmer are two new colours/effects – that will be available shortly.

And here’s some real-live samples.

The Burgundy Delite really is pretty!

New Pearl colour – the new pearl colour is Iridescent Tahitian. Swarovski used to have a dark grey pearl called Tahitian pearl look, but it was just a dark grey. This new colour has the bicolour/dichoic multi-colour thang going on that the recent pearl colours have. It’s really nice.

Below the pearls, are samples of the new shapes in the cabochons – which are hot fix and not-hot-fix rhinestones.

The “round” ones, are a 3/4 pearl. Instead of a fairly flat, round, they are 3/4s of a sphere, so they have a lot more dimension on fabric, and look more like sewed-on pearls – so that will be great for wedding dresses, etc. Much faster to glue on than sew on. Well – I should think, anyway.

Speaking of textiles – the crystal rocks are getting finer and finer – there are now 3 sizes of the stones in the crystal rocks appliques.

Slightly better view in the video here.



These are the colours that are going to be the “core assortment” – these will be the main colours that will be available for the widest number of products/shapes, and from there, some shapes may have more or less choices.

This does not mean that bicones will now only come in 7 colours, so breath easy.

This page is getting huge – so I’m going to carry on with Part 2

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