On a Crafty Note – lots of dots

95008564-00 Easy Cut Resin Trim Sheet - 24x40cm Southwestern Eye - Turquoise (sheet)

These are “Easy Cut Resin Trim Sheets”. These are a plastic carrier sheet with small (under 2 mm, about 1.7 mm) raised dots of colour. In some, there are rows of similarly sized rhinestones as accents. Not sure what to do with these, but we thought we’d make them available for you, so they are only on-line. (We’ll get some samples into the store.) They were apparently designed to be iron on, but we have it on good authority that gluing is a better way to go. They are very flexible, you could easily apply them to fabric as trim for a western style bling-up. (All the patterns have a heavy south-western influence – and the colours are a lot more vivid than the photos would indicate.) I think that gluing a strip to a riding helmet could be a nice enhancement. (I just looked at riding helmets. The plain vs the crystal inset on the front was about a $300 difference. Ouch.) You could also apply them to leather or supersuede bracelets. Picture frames. Costumes. We leave it up to you!

Diamond Dotz Kits

New choices in the Diamond Dotz kits, some “decorator” pillows,

(did you hear about the corduroy pillows? They are making headlines.)

sparkle magnets,

89300011-00 Diamond Dotz -  Advanced Pillow Kits - Dragonfly Earth

Sparkle Magnets … what a cool idea!

89300013-00 Diamond Dotz -  Sparkle Magnets - Posh

wall art,

89300010-02 Diamond Dotz -  Wall Art Advanced Kit - Selfies Love You

and some fun-looking bracelet kits.

89300014-00 Diamond Dotz -  Sparkle Bracelets - Animal
89300014-05 Diamond Dotz -  Sparkle Bracelets - Love
89300014-04 Diamond Dotz -  Sparkle Bracelets - Pets
89300014-02 Diamond Dotz -  Sparkle Bracelets - Symbolic

March break is coming up – having something on hand to amuse the kiddies could be a sanity-saver!

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