An Appetite for Apatite?

This week, we ask the questions that no one wants the answers to. We want to know, do you have an appetite for Apatite? The rich selection of tranquil blues; do they call to you?

s62761 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Blue Apatite (strand)
s62762 Stone Beads - 12mm Coin - Blue Apatite (strand)
s62765 Stone Beads - 5x15mm Flat Chip - Blue Apatite (strand)
s62766 Stone Beads - 4mm Rondelle - Blue Apatite (strand)

Or are you Mooning for Moonstone? Soft subtle shimmers of peach moonstone – it’s peachy keen!

s62796 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Peach Moonstone (strand)
s62797 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Peach Moonstone (strand)
s62798 Stone Beads - 8x10mm Pebbles - Peach Moonstone (strand)
s62795 Stone Beads - 4mm Round - Peach Moonstone (strand)

Or are you obsessed with Obsidian?

s62794 Stone - 45mm Coin Disk Pendant - Obsidian

Got your eye on some Green Eye Dzi beads?

s62793 Stone Beads - 15x25mm Barrel - Dzi Agate Green Eye

Agape for more Terra Agate?

s62792 Stone - 40mm Donut Pendant - Terra Agate
s62799 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Terra Agate (strand)
s62800 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Terra Agate (strand)

Dead Serious for Dead Soft sterling wire? 14ga baby – that is 1.65mm momma! Whoa!

s62787 Sterling Wire - 14ga / 1.65mm Round - Dead Soft (foot)

Orrrrr, wait for it, are you quartz sure you are ready for this? Tanzanite Quartz. Yep – dyed – coloured to match that pretty soft purpley-blue of tanzanite – at a quarter of the price.

s62768 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Tanzanite Quartz (Dyed) (strand)
s62769 Stone Beads - 12mm Round - Tanzanite Quartz (Dyed) (strand)
s62767 Stone Beads - 6mm Round - Tanzanite Quartz (Dyed) (strand)

Need some inspiration? Can’t bead a book! The Bead and Button annual “Best of” collection. Handsome hardcover book, perfect for learning or inspiring.

s62770 Book - Bead and Button Books -  Creative Beading - Vol 14


Bulk Bags of Carrier Beads. A lifetime supply! 20% off!

s58765 Finding -  Acrylic Carrier Beads - Black (500 grams)  <font color="#FF0000">Special Deal</font> 20% off!”/></a></figure>

<figure class=s58766 Finding -  Acrylic Carrier Beads - Clear (500 grams)  <font color="#FF0000">Special Deal</font> 20% off!”/></a></figure>

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