To Write or Stitch: What’s a girl to do?

Write or stitch, that’s certainly a dilemma! What the heck would you do?

No paper is sacred! I write on yellow post-its, envelope scraps, the odd napkin, books (shudder), and even the back of invoices. The real trick is to figure out how to catalogue those notes, before they get swept out in the trash, but while they’re still current.

I love to write, but have never had a great desire to journal about anything! Nope, not kidding!! But, I do confess to being a rabid writer of notes. You know, a scribble here, a scribble there, but then you scratch your head, and wonder what those cryptic notes were all about.

I love to stitch, but I rarely sketch, or even jot notes about what I’m planning to do (beading, stitching, whatever!. That’s because I generally don’t know which direction, I’m likely to take. Yet, create I do, and I suppose that I need to live with that fact. Or do I?

I’ve collected the odd notebook, sketchbook, and journal, over the years, but did I write in any of them? Of course not! But I did buy this pretty cool book, by Shelley Rhodes, recently. Her work really speaks to me, and most of her sketchbooks are not remotely traditional! Just look at those tags on the front cover!!

write or stitch

Recently, I was gifted with a few new ones (old to my friend), and much to my surprise, started jotting down some ideas, sketches, and notes in one of them. Not only that, but I’m even including sketches for future projects. Shocking!! It’s not what I would call pretty, or anything to take a photo of, or publish in a magazine, but it is functional. In fact, it’s a pretty nice way to keep track of many of those wayward thoughts and ideas!

write or stitch

If you don’t want to spend any more money, then how about re-purposing old desk calendars? If you Gesso the pages, then they’ll be a clean slate to write on! My oldest is from 2010, but still hasn’t been given its coat of white! Is there hope for me yet? Not that I’ve done this yet, but you can also make your own sketchbooks, journals, and junk journals! You choose! Fancy, plain, or recycled!!

write or stitch

I doubt that I will ever stop working intuitively, but isn’t it nice, that I now have a chance of remembering more of the volumes of ideas, that spew out of my brain?

So now for the stitch part of to write or stitch! I have been both stitching, and beading on another amulet pouch, but it’s not finished, so I’m reluctant to show it yet (bad karma). Other than that, no beading!! But how about a few photos from yesterday’s scorching trip to Edwards Gardens – Toronto Botanical Gardens?

write or stitch
write or stitch
write or stitch

I’ve stitched a couple more Stitch Meditations, but no beading on them either! However, I have been playing with the new Quick Cure Clay (yes, I will eventually have a class), and that’s a lot of fun! No, it’s not a write, or stitch scenario, but isn’t this shard I made, pretty cool? I’m not sure what language it is, but it does fit with the write part!!! If I jot ideas down in my journal (and I have been), then I guess it actually does fit!! Isn’t that cool?

write or stitch

Just so you know that I do bead, and stitch (so I have something to lure you in), here’s a photo of a long-ago Bead Journal Project piece!

write or stitch

How about an out-of-the-box type of box, that I donated to the Textile Museum of Canada’s Shadow Box Auction, in either 2010. Stitch, beads, collage, yet no words!!! I really miss participating in that auction, but they moved on to other charitable routes.

write or stitch

When you write or stitch, you almost always come up with creative thoughts! Those thoughts are funny things, because they often come, and go in the blink of an eye! What are you going to do, to corral your creative thoughts?


    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks again Sue! Creative thoughts come easily! Actually making sense of them, snd putting them to good use, is the hard part…. I encourage you to give Stitch Meditations a try! You can even include beads in them, and I might give that a go (on top of the embroidery), in my next series.

  1. Carol

    Hi Anne Marie. Love your blog posts. Alway so interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your creative thinking and ideas and all the creative explorations and experiments!

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