New Ads

Dwyn and I have been concocting some new slogans to use in our ads. Sometimes, we may get a little carried away. These sessions usually involve lots of laughter, and the slogans get a little more ‘risque’ each time. Sometimes, we think we’ve come up with an awesome slogan, until other staff members point out that it may be a little out there. Which of the following do you like best? Or have we finally lost it? 🙂 – It’s ok, we can take it!

Five Things you need to know to make jewelry – Part 3

Ok, now I’m getting a little out of order here. This week, instead of presenting them in the order I initially did, I’ve skipped ahead, because, er, this is the video I have ready. As you may remember, I speculated that you really needed to know only about 5 things to make most basic jewelry, strung necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. I’ve already covered a basic secure knot, and how to crimp. This week, I want to show you how to do a wrapped loop. A wrapped loop is a very secure way to attach a bead, as there is no …

Take a Look at this Dragon

Just take a look at this dragon, how amazingly beautiful is this? Are beads not the perfect representations of a dragon’s glittering scales. Can you imagine the work in this? Breathtaking. Winner of the sculptural art category of the Treasures of Toho beading contest.

Sneak Peek at Next Week

Marg musta used a dump truck to bring back her last haul – we got more stones here. Some really big ones too – you might want to start working out so you can lift these suckers. Those are 18 mm rondelles – Porcelain Jasper. Or how about these Red Tiger Eye beads – which are 50 mm long!!!! Or this Kamabara Jasper Coin – which is also 50 mm across. Doubles as a coaster! Yep its a load of stone for next week. Better start lifting weights in preparation!

We have picked a winner!

And the winner of yesterdays comment on our post contest is…….. Mrssipe! Congratulations! Charmaine, we’ll ship out your contest winnings this weekend. Please email – Lee will confirm your addy. Hey that was fun. Maybe we’ll make this a semi regular sort of thing 🙂

The Grand River Bead Society Annual Bead Show and Sale

Put this on your calendar – the Grand River Bead Society Annual Bead Show and Sale. Saturday, October 4th, 2008. 10 am to 5 pm. at the Evergreen Seniors Centre – 683 Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON. One of our instructors, Marilyn Gardiner is a regular there and says it’s a fun show! View Larger Map

Win this!

Ok, something a little different today. Now that all the little kidlets are back in school, and it seems like as a good a time as any to get organized. Are you reorganizing your studio/workspace? It doesn’t matter if you have a full room to call your own, or just a little corner of the dining room table. Post a comment with your best jewelry/bead related organization tip. Tomorrow at noon, I’ll choose one of the responses at random. The winner will receive all of the components necessary to make our latest inspiration! This prize is worth well over $50! …

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

That’s right – it’s that time again – Back to School Time! And with the kids off at school, the buses running more frequently and the weather cooling down (I know, 29C with a humidex of 34C is hardly cooling off! But with mid-teens an low 20’s forecast for next week, fall is on its way.), why not take a class yourself? With Dancing Dahlias, Byzantine Bracelets, and Art Clay Play Days, we have a range of classes to ignite your imagination and build your beading skills this fall. Looking to Lampwork? We have 4-hour Introductions, 8-hour Weekends and the …

Mad Men

Have you seen this series – Mad Men? It’s been getting a huge amount of hype lately, and normally, I equate tv + hype = tripe and avoid it at all costs. However, this long weekend, I stumbled upon a marathon of re-runs of it, and got snagged by the look and feel of the show, and before I knew it – 3 hours of my life had gone. I was entranced. The writing is really d— good. B. amazing, in fact. No cliches, no platitudes – no likable characters (well – Peggy isn’t too hatable – a sort of …

Back to School

Parents partying in the street – the kids are going back, the kiiids are goingggg baaaack! Kids moansing and groansing. Parents also chewing their nails off in anxiety. Will they be ok? Will they find their classes, will there be bullies? Oh yes – it’s a double-edged sword. So, once they’ve been back awhile and you can catch your breath, what about you? Planning any back-to-school for yourself? Learning keeps you young – apparently, all that stuff we learned about the brain being fixed in development at a young age was absolute rot. The more you learn, the better you …