Last Call!

Last call for you all – we need the space, these babies gotta go. Push pull or drag them out of the store! A redonkulous 80% off – way below our cost. Just until the end of February – then they are gone for good. Last Call for Beads!     Save

Expired: We have your heart! 20% off!

Only a month to Valentine’s Day and even if you are well past the point of hoping for a van to pull up outside your house and start off-loading a Rose-Bowl-parade-float’s worth of flowers from a secret admirer, you can still have fun with your favorite shape. Not my favorite shape, but … say – doesn’t everyone have a favorite shape? (Mine’s a starfish. Maybe there should be a St. Starfish’s day?) In any case, we have Hearts of Glass, and Crystal Hearts at 20% off until Valentines! We have your heart – your mind and soul will follow!   …