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Winsome Ears

by: Dwyn Tomlinson - Inspired by Winsome

The other day, I was in the store, and I got chatting with one of the customers. She showed me the earrings that she had made. She said she was inspired to make them because she was trying to reproduce a favourite pair of earrings that she had had a long time that had sentimental value. After a fruitless search to replace the inevitably lost earring - she had decided to make a new pair, as close to the old ones as possible.

She found this bead cap that was very similar to the original earrings, and adapted it for her purposes. I was so taken with the simple elegance of them - that I asked if I could reproduce them and show them to you.

So here they are - the Winsome Earrings.

Take the headpin - slide it through the beadcap, and slide a tiny gold bead on the back. Apply hypotube cement to the headpin from both the front and the back, and let dry. I stuck it into a styrofoam tray to keep it upright and in place while the glue dried.

Then, cut the wire off flush with the back of the bead inside the bead cap. This fills the hole in the centre of the bead cap. Then hang the bead cap by one of it's loops from the ear wires.

Simple, and elegant. Thank you Winsome!

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