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My Secret Life

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Do you have a secret side? Are you a demure conservative -  plain suits and tasteful jewelry  - that secretly wants to go funky and fabulous? Are you ready to party? Do you want earrings that are elegant AND outrageous! Oh boy - have I got the set for you!

These fabulous earrings have a secret - they are classic, sterling and crystal earrings by day, and then, clip in the funky feather fun and go dining and dancing all night!

The secret is ... they are actually each made with a sterling clasp with a crystal set in it. The stone side of the earring makes an elegant daytime earring. Wire up your feathery shoulder dusters to the lever side of the clasp, and you can attach them for fabulous party earrings. These might be the last pair of earrings you ever need!

1. Step 1 is easy - attach the clasp to an earwire. Make sure you do this on the ring that is attached to the clasp - not on the side that is the lever/clip that comes out.

Next - make the "exotic" part of the earring - the attachment. Make both sides at the same time - it's easier to get them to more or less match that way.

2. Take about 6 inches of the coloured wire, and make simple loop at the end. Also, take a headpin, and put a crystal on it, and make a wrapped loop. Put the dangle you just made on the end of the wire, in the loop. Thread 7 crystals on the coloured wire.

3. Select 3 feathers, two larger and one smaller. Cut about 12 inches of the light gauge wire. Take your feathers and hold them together in your non-dominant hand, and position the coloured wire with the crystals - so you can hold them all securely together with your thumb and forefinger.

So - if you are right handed, hold them in your left hand, with the feathers and crystals pointed toward the palm of your hand. Hold them nicely arranged, the way you want them to look when done, with about 2 inches sticking out to the right - ready to be wrapped with wire. 

4. Take the light gauge wire, and also hold it securely, along with the feathers and heavier wire, with just a couple of inches pointing towards your hand (left palm) - and the long part toward the right.

5. Wrap the long wire securely in a tight spiral around the feather/heavy wire combo - wrapping from left to right - to secure the feathers and wire.

6. Add a bit of hypotube cement glue. Just run the glue down the outside of the spiraled wire, and then - slip the tube bead over it. Thread the long end of the wire into the tube first, then slide it over the feathers. Put it aside to let the glue dry.

7. When the glue is dry, add another crystal to the light wire, at the bottom of the tube, and wrap the end around the feather/wire bundle at the base of the tube, to secure the tube and the wire.

8. Trim the end of the wire. Don't cut the feathers by mistake.

9. Trim the long end of the light wire at the top of the tube (not the coloured wire).

10. Add another crystal to the coloured wire.

11. Start a wrapped loop with the coloured wire that is still sticking out of the tube, but don't close it. Add the lever/clip side of the clasp to the loop, and then finish the wrapped loop.

And you are done! Clip on the feather dangles for an uber dramatic pair of earrings - or remove for a pair of very elegant crystal earrings.

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