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Irony Necklace

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This week's inspiration is a set - but I decided to present them separately so I could put in more step-by-step photos.

The Irony of the Iron Zebra Jasper necklace is that it looks like carved wood - but is actually stone!

TIP: if you have trouble visualizing and following written instructions - read them OUT LOUD and see if that helps.

This necklace uses a new finding - the Bead Bandit. This super cool new finding is a crimp cover that is also the connector loop to attach the clasp. It is easy to use and makes a beautifully finished end.

Thread your rondelles on your stringing cable. Choose your favourite and most flattering length. This necklace is 17.5 inches of beads, plus 1.5 inches of clasp and crimps (the bead bandits do add more length than just regular crimps), plus a 1 inch chain for adjustability.

Unscrew the bead bandit, and thread the screw end onto the cable, with the threaded side away from the beads. Add the crimp*, and crimp it and trim the cable.

Then screw the tube end on, covering the crimp and the wire end. The built-in loop is for you to attach a jumpring and the clasp.

Now, go do the other side. Don't make it too tight, or the necklace won't drape nicely.

Add an inch of chain (or chain made out of jumprings looped together, as the really big clasp wouldn't fit into any of the chain I had. Sometimes, you just have to make do.) Make a dangle with a left over bead for the end of the chain - it's a nice, polished touch.

*I did try just knotting the cable - but the knot was too big to fit inside the bead bandit - but with a smaller, thinner cable, it would probably be ok.

And you're good to go!

And go make the earrings to go with it!

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Qty: 2 96002401 Crimp Tubes - Seamless - 2mm - Sterling (50)

(They can be any colour, as they won't show.)

Price: $ 14.13
In Stock
s31076 End Cover with Loop - Bead Bandit - Gold Plated (Pair)Price: $ 2.10
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22801012-02 Jump Rings Open - 5mm - Goldplated (5 grams)

(I made the chain for the extension out of jumprings, plus you need 1 to attach the clasp.)

Price: $ 1.35
In Stock
23440010 Lobster Clasp - 15mm - Hamilton Gold

(I like this, but you can use a smaller one too.)

Price: $ 1.05
In Stock
250STW02430SLV Soft Touch by Softflex (tm) Beading Wire - 30ft .024 (Heavy) - Silver Grey (Spool)

(about 20 inches)

Price: $ 26.99
In Stock
s31348 Stone Beads - 8 mm Faceted Rondelle - Iron Zebra Jasper (strand)

(3 strands, includes the earrings - lots left over.)

Price: $ 13.20
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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