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by: Dwyn Tomlinson

I had this idea - for a bracelet. When we got in these Double Square beads - I thought that they way they fit together was really cool - and I thought they would make a great bracelet - all tight together and looking like woven ribbon.

But the actual construction of the beast was defeating me. I tried a bunch of methods - I tried jumprings, I tried stitching it with wire, I tried elastic cord - finally - I tried the really humongous jumprings, and started to get something that worked. Looser than I had envisioned - but starting to look okay. And as I went to put the clasp on - I picked it up and saw the way it curved, and thought, "That would look cool as a necklace." So I tried it, and lo - it looked really good. I thought the squares would flop forward - but they don't!

And then - because my workbench is a constant jumble of stuff, work in progress, new items, old stuff, leftovers - when I put it down - it was next to a blue stone, and bingo - this piece was born!

Just added some chain, and hung the pendant. And how freakin' awesome is this?

Getting the squares on the big jumprings is a bit of a challenge, as there is not a lot of extra room to hold onto the jumpring with the pliers and have the squares in place - but with a little fiddling - it can be done. Start by doing a set of four, then adding the next 3 on the side, and etc. I was a little too rough with it - and 2 of the squares broke apart at the corners as I wrestled with the big jumprings - so you might order spares. If you don't break them - hey - earrings!

I alternated gold and antiqued brass on the vertical pairs - and gunmetal for the centre line.

Use jumprings to attach the chain - and for the clasp - I actually opened up the little link in the chain - but you can just use a jumpring if that seems like too much work.

Wire up the pendant and add the large jumpring to hold it. I used 20 gauge wire - I would have used heavier wire to match the look of the jumprings - but didn't have any on hand - so I wrapped the  centre of the connector twice to add a little bulk.

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