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by: Jennifer Tough

A lovely happy accident. This weeks inspiration went through so many iterations, and I was tempted to call it Epic Adventure. The final design is very far from the original plan, but I love it nonetheless.

The design is quite simple, 7 links, 8 jump rings, and a piece of chain long enough to go over your head. Sweater season is coming up, and I just love long necklaces for fall - along with the added bonus of not requiring a clasp!

My original project was going to be a resin clay design. It of course didn't work out as planned, but I realized of course that resin clay makes a fabulous glue! You can dress up just about anything with a tiny amount of resin clay, and rhinestones/or anything you can think of.

Lay out all of your components/crystals in advance. Mix up a tiny pea sized amount of resin clay (Apoxie Sculpt or Crystal Clay).
* Once you've got it blended, pick off the tiniest bit (pin head sized), ball it up, and place it on your metal component.
* Press your crystal carefully into the clay. Try not to allow too much to squish out from under the stone.
* If any of the clay shows, you can either clean it up with a pick and a wet paper towel, or just brush on some metalFX in a coordinating colour to your metal.

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Qty: 1 s28325 Adhesives - Crystal Clay - WhitePrice: $ 14.22
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
74201041 Chain - Medium Curb - Antique Copper (Metre)

(My chain length is about 22 inches long.)

Price: $ 7.65
In Stock
Qty: 8 22801016-02 Jump Rings Open - 5mm - Antique Copper (5 gram)Price: $ 1.00
In Stock
Qty: 7 s16695 Link - 10mm Holey Square - Bright CopperPrice: $ 1.35
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
s28771 MetalFX - Metallic/Mica Powder - Copper Lust (1 gram)


Price: $ 3.45
In Stock
Qty: 7 11920122546001 Swarovski HotFix Rhinestone - ss16 Xilion Rose (2028) - Crystal Volcano (144)Price: $ 23.24
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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