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Cowbell Bling

by: Stephanie Dixon

On the 11th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me ... 11 pipers piping.

Forget pipers, I need more cowbell!!!! Which leads me to the shape of the Swarovski Keystone Crystal. Do you notice the similarities? And of course according to some traditions mentioned on Wikipedia, the ladies are still dancing ... .

Cut one 6 inch piece of wire and one 8 inch piece. (better to cut more, than less).

With the 6 inch piece of wire, feed on the 7 keystone crystals through the NARROW end, making sure that the AB coating is showing only on one side. It's easy to feed these on the wire "backwards." Feed the wire back through the first keystone crystal. You should have one wire coming out of the left side of the crystal, and another coming out the right side. Give these wires a pull to gather the crystals into a circle.

With the 8 inch piece of wire, feed through the top (wide end) of the keyhole crystal. Pick up a mini-round crystal and feed through the next keyhole crystal. Continue around the outside until you have one mini-round crystal between each keyhole. Feed the wire through a keystone crystal once more, so that there is wire ends coming out of both sides.

Back to the inner circle of wire: Give the wire ends another pull to tighten up the circle, ensuring that there are no gaps. On the back of the pendant, cut each wire to 1 inch. Create a spiral with each wire end and centre the spirals so that you can see them through the middle of the circle of keystones.

On the outer circle: Make sure that the mini-round crystal's AB coating is facing the same direction as the keystone crystal's AB coating. (They will twirl around eventually, but can be flipped back.) Tighten up the wire and cut one end to 1" and create a spiral and tuck in behind a mini-round crystal.

Fold the other wire in half and acting as if it is now one piece of wire, create a wrapped loop. Trim off the excess wire.

You now have a beautiful pendant that can be strung on a chain or silk string.

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