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Pointedly Feminine

by: Pam Kearns

I've gotten very interested in bead embroidery over the past few weeks. This project picks-up a couple of the techniques I've used. The beadwork is actually quite simple and doesn't take a lot of time. Although we've discontinued the WireLuxe, we still have quite a few colours in stock - and it's on sale!!!! You can adapt this project to choose a colour that matches your wardrobe!

Note: I used the 8.5" cuff and the length of the WireLuxe and ultrasuede were long enough to go around the cuff channel. If you choose to use the 9.5" cuff, you will need the longer piece of WireLuxe and will need either two strips of ultrasuede or cut your strips from a square of ultrasuede and piece them together around the cuff. It all depends on your hand size (so that the cuff will fit over the widest part of your hand!)

1. Measure the outside diameter of the cuff channel and cut the ultrasuede to fit. Trim the length so that the ends butt up against each other. Apply glue to the the ends using the E6000. I used a clothespin to keep the ultrasuede in place while drying. (see photo A)

2. Straighten out the WireLuxe ribbon and stretch it to it's full length. Do not trim it - you will need the full length to go around the 8.5" cuff!

3. Measure the centre part of the WireLuxe and cut a strip of Lucy's Stiff Stuff along the length of the product. You want to ensure that the Lucy's Stiff Stuff is wider than the open centre channel but not wider than the ribbon. Do not trim the length of the Stiff Stuff!

4. Pull a length of thread (about an armspan) and thread your needle. Knot your thread.

5. Lay the WireLuxe on top of the Lucy's Stiff Stuff, lining up one of the ends. Stitch up from the bottom through the Stiff Stuff and the WireLuxe about 1/8" of the end in the centre of the open WireLuxe channel. Thread on a spike and stitch back down through the WireLuxe and Stiff Stuff. Continue adding spikes along the length of the WireLuxe/Stiff Stuff. On my project, I left about 1/8" or so between spikes. As you stitch, keep the WireLuxe taught. Note: it is wiggly - you may want to tack the WireLuxe to the Stiff Stuff in a couple of places before starting. As you get closer to the end of the ribbon, check the length of the ribbon to ensure it will wrap all the way around the cuff. (see photo B)

6. After finishing the spikes, stitch up one side between the spikes and pickup one of the fire-polish beads and a seed bead. Stitch back down the fire-polish bead; the seed bead will sit on top of the glass bead, locking it in place. Stitch back up in the side between the next set of spikes; pickup another fire-polish bead and a seed bead and back down fire-polish bead. Continue to add fire-polish beads in the same manner along the length of the ribbon. I alternated the two colours of the fire-polish beads down the length of the ribbon. (see photo C)

7. After completing the row of fire-polished beads, stitch along the other side of the ribbon, placing the stacked fire-polished beads/seed beads so they appear opposite the previous row. Again, I alternated the two colours of the fire-polished beads down the length of ribbon (see photo D).

8. Double-check the length of the ribbon around the cuff; trim the ribbon and stiff stuff so that the ends butt up against one another. Glue in place using E600; secure with two clothespins until dry.


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