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Are You Back From Miami?

by: Lee Metsalo

When they came back, they inspired this colourful bangle!  They couldn’t bring back the flamingos in the water, but this was close.
This is a basic loomwork project that takes 130 rows of Delica 11/0s to go all the way around the size 8.5 bangle.  Six Delicas fit across the channel on the bangle, so you need to start with seven warp threads on your loom, at least 22” long – adjust for your loom.  You’ll need the length to weave in at the end. 

Loomwork  instructions can be found in most introductory beadwork books and many of the magazines BeadFX sells.  Or you can sign up for a class with Kelly – I promise she will only make you use flamingo coloured beads if you want to!  Once the loomed piece is finished, remove it from the loom, position it in the channel in the bangle, butt the two ends against each other, and start weaving your weft threads in to join everything together and hide the threads.  You can make a bunch to wear together – perfect for summer!

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s36746 Bracelet Blank - Size 8.5 Channel Bangle - Silver PlatedPrice: $ 18.45
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db0872 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Opaque Orange AB (7.5 g)Price: $ 6.98
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db0262 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Opaque Chartreuse Luster (7.5 g)Price: $ 6.98
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db2122 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Pale Amazon Green [Duracoat] (7.5 g)Price: $ 7.49
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db0729 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Turquoise Green (7.5 g)Price: $ 5.98
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74323031 Needle - #11 Beading Needle (Japanese) - (Pack)Price: $ 3.20
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s23916 Thread - Size B Miyuki Nylon Thread - Silver Grey (Spool)Price: $ 5.95
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