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To Zig or To Zag?

by: Pam Kearns

One of the many opportunities for staff at BeadFX is the chance to try out new products such as the new 3D Bangle Bracelet Jig. Now, I'm not a wire worker (yet!) but I was able to create a fun to wear bracelet with only four different items. The jig comes with complete instructions so it was easy to use.

1. I placed the jig pegs in a pleasing zig zag pattern around the jig and secured them with the peg fasteners as instructed.

2. I pulled about 36" of 20 gauge wire (it ended up being more than I needed!) and secured it with two wraps on the 'first' peg of my design.

3. As I wanted the beads to be a part of the design, I strung on 30 8mm fire-polished beads onto the wire and made a 'crook' at the end of the wire so they wouldn't fall off. I had already checked that each section would accept three beads and there were 10 sections.

4. I started placing the beads as needed and wrapped the wire around the pegs twice around each peg. I continued this around the full jig.

5. After working around the jig, I removed the bracelet from the jig and cut the wire leaving enough to do a wrapped loop to finish. I also did a wrapped loop on the first loop.

6. I attached the magnetic clasp with a jump ring on each end of the bracelet. The zig zags can be adjusted tighter or looser depending on the finished size you want.

Change it up with different wire (18 gauge wire will be less springy) and other kinds of beads. I plan to try it with peyote tubes for a completely different look and dangle beads from the edge loops.


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