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We Will Never Be Royal

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

but you sure wouldn't know if from our jewelry!

This royal combination of purple and rose gold is royal-looking indeed,
and is surprisingly easy to make.

Make it longer and make a necklace too if you like. Just budget around
2.5 - 3 x as much fat rattail (moosetail) cord as chain, so for a 7 inch
bracelet - you would need 21 inches of moosetail (to be safe.)

Cut a square of masking tape or painter's tape and roll it around the
end of the moosetail to make the end thin and stable enough to thread
through the links.

Starting at one end, thread the moosetail back and forth through the
links of the chain, going through each link.

When you get to the end, leave the last link of the chain empty. Cut a 4
inch piece of wire, and make a wrapped loop in the end link. Then twist
the wire a few times tightly around the moosetail. Cut the moosetail -
leaving a short tail, about a quarter inch, and fuse the cut end with a
lighter to seal it and stop it from fraying.

Poke the wire through the hole in the end cap, and pull the chain and
the end of the moosetail inside the cap, or at least, right up close.
Make a wrapped loop on the outside of the cap, attaching half of the
clasp as you do so. (Don't worry if you forget - just use a jumpring to
attach the clasp.) The end caps and loops and clasp add about 2-2.25
inches (5 cm) to the bracelet - so factor this in when calculating how
much chain and moosetail you need.

Then go back and attach the other cap and half of the clasp to the
beginning of the chain in the same way. A bunch of these in different
colour chains and cords would look nice and make nice gifts too. Try
with silk ribbon or multi-colours of thinner satin cord, or even with
leather. The wide links of the rolo chain are particularly handsome
against the colour of the woven cord.

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74701010-06 Artistic Wire - 20ga Round Wire - Natural Copper (Spool)Price: $ 10.95
In Stock
s43399 Chain - 7mm Rolo Chain - Rose Gold Plated (Inch)

(5-7 inches depending on wrist size)

Price: $ 0.86
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 2 s26292 End Cap Open Filigree Cup - ID 5mm - Bright CopperPrice: $ 2.45
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22801036 Jump Rings Open - 7mm - Bright Copper (100)

(optional )

Price: $ 3.15
In Stock
s40747 Link - 16mm Swivel - Bright CopperPrice: $ 1.76
In Stock
23440035 Lobster Clasp - 15mm - Bright CopperPrice: $ 0.45
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 75521665-281 Rattail Cord - 3mm Satin Fat Rattail Cord - Cardinal Purple (yard)

(this should be more than enough)

Price: $ 0.45
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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