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Dragon's Tail

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

A dragon's tail, all covered in scale

It's easy to make - you can not fail.

Start by making a wrapped loop on each of the ripple beads. Slide the

bead onto the headpin, grasp the headpin behind the bead (leave a mm or

so of space), using your round nose pliers. Grab the very end of the

head pin with your chain nose pliers, and wrap it around the base of the

bead two or three times. Let go with the chain nose pliers, and still

holding with the round nose, trim the wire end with the wire cutters. It

won't be a neat wrap, but it is fast, and you won't see the backs once

this is assembled.

When done - string 3 ripple beads, then 2 x 4 mm firepolish. Continue

like this. When done, three ripple beads will sit on a firepolish bead

and space themselves around the circle. You need a second firepolish

bead as the ripple beads are comparatively large.

Attach half of the clasp at one end - then shake and wiggle the beads

all down till they snug together tightly with no gaps. Then add the

clasp on the other end.

This made a bracelet 8.5 inches long - it needs to be a bit longer than

usual because it is fairly fat.

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Qty: 2 96096053 Crimp Bead Covers Smooth 2.5mm - Gold-filledPrice: $ 0.45
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
96002401 Crimp Tubes - Seamless - 2mm - Sterling (50)Price: $ 14.13
In Stock
s40968 Firepolish - 4mm Faceted Round - Miracle Midnight Glow (50)

(1 strand)

Price: $ 3.54
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
22601038 Headpins - 2in / 24ga Flat Head - Antique Copper (100)

(you can pick any colour finding of your choice really)

Price: $ 6.45
In Stock
s28820 Magnetic Clasp Scallop Shell - Gold Plated Rhodium Plated

(this is another good alternative clasp)

Price: $ 10.60
Sorry, Out of Stock
Qty: 1 s27338 Magnetic Clasp Smooth Round Large - Gold Plated

(the clasp i used was from my stash - but this is a good alternative clasp)

Price: $ 19.55
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
27800957-02s5 Shaped Glass - 12mm Ripple Beads - Matte Metallic Gold (strand 36)

(used 30)

Price: $ 8.46
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
27800957-46s8 Shaped Glass - 12mm Ripple Beads - Pearl Pastel Lila Red (strand 36)

(used 30)

Price: $ 10.94
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is unavailable.
25001002-01 Softflex (tm) Beading Wire - 30ft .019 (Medium) - Black (Spool)Price: $ 28.85
In Stock

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