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The Cuff Stuff

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

This is a fun and simple project - it just requires a bit of patience to glue the ends on. I made it with a scrap of leather from my stash - in a colour that is, of course, now sold out. The key is to use one of the leathers with a hollow core down the centre. I used the mini-regaliz - but you could use the full size, or even two pieces of the 5 mm hollow.

First, as always with any project that requires gluing - dry fit the ends of the leather into the crystal ends to make sure they fit.

Cut a piece of heavy wire and slide it into the hollow core, and trim to match the length of the leather precisely. This bracelet looks good as a side-pass or with just the ends meeting like a cuff - so it is flexible as to how much leather (and wire) you need. Minimum would be 6 inches, but more is good too. This is especially good if you have just a random piece hanging around like I did.

It would probably be easier to keep the wire flat and glue one end on - let the glue dry - and then glue the other end, and then bend the wire to shape. But I never do things the easy way - I bent the wire first, and then had to figure out how to keep the whole bracelet propped upright so that the glue would set without leaking down onto the leather. I did this by putting it with the ends oriented downward onto the desk, and then sticking them into a generous hunk of polymer clay so that it could sit there and set up overnight.

Pretty simple really - and I've been wanted to use those crystal ends for a bit now!

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